Winter spirit 19th January 2017


Hey all, so the winter spirit 2nd of Feb I was booked on has been canceled and I wa wondering if there is anyone booked onto the 19th of January tour?


I am looking into the January 19th trip!


Yay! it would be awesome to get to know someone before the trip when do you think you will be decided by?


Hey Bonnie, I’m booked for the 19th of Jan also :blush: This is my first real trip overseas so I’m super excited


Hi rani!
Awsome! This trip will be one to remember I think! Oh and congrats on deciding to take the plunge and go on your first overseas trip, trust me it will not be your last lol.
Have you downloaded the TopDeck app yet? There is a chat section on there I hope we can get everyone booked on this trip on there before we set off!


Just downloaded the app not too long ago and thank you :slight_smile: I’ve been ‘waiting’ for the right time to travel for a while now and just decided to finally book it! Can’t wait to meet you and the others :slight_smile:


are you planning on getting to London a few days before the tour starts?


Hey! My friend and I are booked on the Winter Rhapsody, which joins this one in Rome on Jan 25th :slight_smile:


Hey there. Was hoping to book this tour also, however was hesitant on travelling alone from Australia. Are you also a solo traveller?


hey there tash, yeh I am going solo from Adelaide, I was a little hesitant too about going solo but decided to just take the plunge! I think that I would regret it more if I don’t do it! where abouts are you leaving from?


gem16, awesome! I didn’t even think about people joining in different places! cant wait to meet you in rome!


Sorry for the late reply and I’m arriving on the 17th of January :blush: What about yourself??


Wow you are only going to have one full day in London?! I’m arriving on the 14th I have way to many things to do and see


I’ll be flying out from Sydney if I decide to go. Haven’t booked anything yet.


It will definitely be a jam packed visit hahah. I’ll be spending an extra 2 days in London after the trip however :blush:


ha ha I keep forgetting that the tour goes back to London at the end, I am finishing my trip in Calais on the way back and then heading back to Paris for a few more days so I have to jam all my London into the time before the tour starts


Hi! I just booked the trip last night. I am a solo traveler from Toronto, Canada --it will be my first time in Europe – looking forward to it!


YAY!!! welcome aboard! Canada nice! its going to be my first time in Europe too! its not too long until the tour starts now!


Hi All! I’ll be joining the tour on the 19th! Solo traveller from Australia so definitely keen to get to know you all :slight_smile: I’m staying at the Wombat the night before. I will be in London from the 6th January - so if anyone wants to meet up and maybe look at tripping around England… I am open to any suggestions :slight_smile: can’t wait. Count down is on!


Hey Laura welcome aboard! Always good to get to know new people that are coming on the trip! Have you downloaded the TopDeck app? There is a chat section on there if you wanna join. Wow you have a lot of time in the UK I’m a bit jelous I have 4 days in London and 2 are taken up with booked tours so I only have 2 completely free days if you wanna meet up before the trip starts that’s cool by me :slight_smile: