Winter spirit 18th November


Hey guys
just wondering who’s going on this trip??


Hi ALi I AM!!!
so excited cant wait… is it your first time in europe?
who are you traveling with?
look forward to meeting you


Oh yay! awesome!
yes its my first time in Europe very exciting! How about you? I’m travelling by myself a bit scary!
Are you travelling with anyone?
Not long to go now i can’t believe it! A little bit stressed about the savings though!
looking forward to meeting you too


yay how exciting lol i was starting to believe no one is coming on this trip
it is also my first time in europe and i am also traveling by my self i am really scared to lol
are you doing much traveling before or after the trip?
add me on fb and we can have a little chat about everything
kristy hynes email lol i am holding a baby in my photo just a random baby not mine :smiley:
i cant believe it is coming up so soon lol i not organised yet


yeah i know i’ve had this post up for months! haha. i have a week in london after the trip thats all. How about yourself? Don’t worry im really not organised either! i’ll add you on facebook. My name on facebook is alexandra Campbell if your confused haha :slight_smile:


hey guys, i’m going on 18 nov as well!

i’ve also never been to europe & am travelling by myself

there should be a few other ppl on our tour cos when i booked they said there was only 9 spots left :slight_smile:

i’ll b in london the day before the tour and also for 2 days afterwards

i only just booked on the 1st so i’m still getting over the excitement of going to europe! hopefully it won’t be too cold


Hey! This is so good to talk to some people that are going on the same tour. I just checked the weather forecast for Europe and its already freezing around 4 to 10 degrees depending on what country.I can’t believe how quickly its coming up! so exciting! Where abouts in Melbourne do you live?


wow 4 degrees what the hell lol im going to freeze hmmm… i still not sure what to do about clothes lol dont think i will be warm enough,… hey what are u taking for ur dress out going out outfit???