Winter Spirit 18 Dec -10 Jan


Hi all,
I have just booked my tour and it’s my first time to europe.
How many other people are going on this tour?


hey im wanting to do it just not to sure yet ive been in the uk since feb travel by my self just wanting to know whos keen for it

cheers Robbie


Hope more people are keen for it than just you and me.

Surely more people are thinking of doing this tour.


G’day There,

My partner and I are heading over for this tour. Its our first time in Europe too and we’re super excited. Cant wait!


Hi there,
I have just booked this tour too!!! Will be doing some travelling around by myself…I wonder how many people are doing it??? Looks like there are a few aussies!!!


Just over a month to go now, is anyone spending a few days in London prior to the tour starting?


We’re getting into London on the 17th, and staying at the Clink Hostel for the night. Is anyone else staying there? We are then staying in London for a week after the tour. By the looks of it the temperature is already beginning to drop over there!!! 37 here in South Australia today!


I’m staying three nights at the Clink prior to the tour, and one night post.
It’s only up to 30 in the ACT, but I’m already looking forward to some cooler weather.


My tour (Winter Waltz) joins up with this tour in Prague on 4th Jan, I think :slight_smile: I’m staying in London for a couple of extra days after the tour ends as well, flying home on the 13th.


Hey Guys,

My name is Bec and i am from Perth and I will be on this tour too with my friend Josie!!
So excited! This is my first time to Europe also. We will be arriving on the 16th and staying at
the clink also!