Winter Spirit - 16th Dec 2012


Has anyone booked this tour? :slight_smile:



I’m not doing this tour, but I’m doing the spires in the snow tour on 29th December which hops onto this tour for a week… So i’ll be on it for a bit of the time! You’re the first person I’ve found doing either this tour on the right date or my tour :).

Katie :slight_smile:


Hi Katie,

Hope you’re well. :slight_smile: Oh that’s great. I haven’t found anyone doing my tour at all. I was starting to get a little worried. :slight_smile:



Lol me too! Are you going alone? Have you travelled before? I’m heading over alone, arriving in Budapest the day before your tour arrives, so I’m a bit nervous of spending the night in a completely strange country with a different language by myself! Will be good though. And new years in Krakow should be amazing!


Hi folks.

Just booked this tour, it’s going to be amazing :slight_smile:



Yep, I’m travelling alone. :slight_smile: I’ll be getting a little anxious closer to the trip I think! I can’t wait for NYE In Krakow and I think I’ll be in Venice for Christmas. I’ve done a little travelling before but nothing to this scale. Just random trips… Ah Budapest will be amazing, I can’t wait to see what’s like there.


I’ve done some travelling before but never through Europe… time to fix that!

Do you know if we need visas for this trip?


When I booked my trip the travel agent checked with Topdeck and they said I didn’t need one. I don’t think we do, but I guess I’ll check again just to be safe. :slight_smile:


Hey! I’ve booked this tour! I’m traveling by myself for the first time, pretty nervous but very excited!


Hey guys. I am booked into this trip with my boyfriend and another couple. Can’t wait to go!