Winter Spirit 15 March 2012


Hey is anyone else booked on the winter spirit trip, departing on 15 March 2012? No one has created a topic yet on it! Am I going to be by myself haha? :-[
Can’t wait for this trip it’s going to be fantastic and hopefully not too cold :slight_smile:


Hey, no your not alone I’m going on that one too :slight_smile:

I’m very excited, I’m staying at Clink78 because i gather that’s where the trip starts?

So who else is going?


Okay great to hear you’re coming too! I’m staying at Clink78 the night before too, yep that’s where it starts - at 6am :frowning: so early.
Kimba are you travelling solo?


Another one here. Not long now!


Yeah Early Start :frowning: it will probably be pretty cold too, the way things are currently over there!

Yep I’m travelling solo.

3 Aussies so far :slight_smile:

What are you guys looking forward to most?


hi guys im thinking of doing the winter spirit tour 15th march… how many people are already going to do it? and what ages are you not that it matters haha

cheers sarah


yes! I am also! 20 years old and also travelling solo
so close, getting excited! :slight_smile:


I’m 26 and traveling solo too :slight_smile:


Im 21 :slight_smile:


not long now is everyone excited?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hello guys My name is David and i am traveling with my best mate Michael, we are both attending this trip and can not wait. We have already been traveling for the past month and have just arrived in London for a few days well about a week before the tour and are visiting some family in North Hampton, we are both so excited as about the trip and can not wait to meet all of you… We have already been traveling across the USA - LA, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Memphis, Nashville, Orlando, Washington DC, New York and into Toronto Canada, this is the first time we have both left Australia ever so this is quiet a big trip for us 2 boys. We are going to arrange accommodation at clink78 for the night before so if your going to be there we would love to meet you. We are both a bit older than the rest of you but we don’t look like it and we both know how to party, we are both 33 years old. Hope to see you all soon.


Hey ive been here since Sunday (Clink78) and ill be here Tomorrow night if anyone wants to meet! :slight_smile:


[quote=33538]Hey ive been here since Sunday (Clink78) and ill be here Tomorrow night if anyone wants to meet! :slight_smile:

I’ll be at Clink from Wednesday night so I look forward to saying hello then :slight_smile:


im staying at clink 78 tonight!! so we can meet! its my birthday aswell haha!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey all we have just arrived at clink78 and are in the reception area if anyone wants to meet…


Sorry skip that we heading down stairs to the bar


Happy birthday Sarah… Going to be good to meet ya.


So we can not be the only ones here where are all you hiding ?