Winter Spirit 14th Jan - 6th Feb 2016


Hey guys!
Just curious to see if anyone has booked this trip! It’s my first time travelling solo, I’ll be staying at the Wombats hotel the night before the trip starts, would love to meet up with anyone on the trip beforehand!


hey Naomi! I’m on this tour as well, also travelling alone! can’t say I’ve decided where to stay yet but if i end up at wombats I’ll be sure to let you know!


Hi Kirby! That’s awesome to hear, looking forward to meeting you! Feel free to add me on facebook if you like, Naomi Davidson :slight_smile:


Hi guys! Me and my friend are doing this tour! We are staying at the wombat place haha :smiley: should be fun


Hi guys as well, I’ll be going on this tour as well, alongside my twin sister and her friend. We’ll be staying at Wombats as well, looking forward to January!


Hey all,

I am also coming on this tour! Pretty excited… Just booked accommodation at wombats for the night before.
Is anyone sticking around in the UK after the tour? I am… And I need to make some friends! :wink:

Not long now guys!


I’m also a solo traveler on this tour- so excited! :slight_smile:


Hey, me and my friend are also going on this tour. Will be staying in London a few days prior. Coming up so soon. :smile:


Hey guys,
Super pumped for this adventure! Not long now, can’t wait to meet you all! :smile:


Hey :grin: I’m a solo travelers from New Zealand and will also be doing this tour! Staying in London a week before, looking forward to meeting you all! :smile:


Hey guys! Me and my friend are also on this tour staying at wombats hostel the night before, can’t wait to meet everyone! 26 days to go! :grinning::grinning:


sounds like there’ll be a whole bunch of us at wombats the night before!! really excited to meet you all! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Hey I will be heading on this tour solo as well :slight_smile: also sticking around in the UK For a few weeks after the tour


Hello! I’m a solo traveller on this trip too! Getting pumped! I’m already in London now if anyone else is too and wants to meet up? Let me know! Xo


I arrive in London on this thursday. Add me on Facebook if yo want :laughing:


i land in london on tuesday morning (!!!) and i’m kirby jane on Facebook if y’all wanna be friends there :slight_smile:


me and my friend arrive next Wednesday morning! can’t wait to meet everyone! Where’s everyone from? I’m from Newcastle, nsw :blush:


anyone who’s already in London feel like grabbing dinner tonight? Meet at the hostel at like 7? I saw a cute pizza place a few streets away :slight_smile:


I just arrived in London today, currently at wombats waiting to check in :blush:
Anyone out and about want to meet up? Or meet up for dinner tonight? Looking forward to meeting you guys!


I’m heading to the hostel in an hour or so to check-in. Might see you there!