Winter spirit 13/12/18 to 5/1/19


Heading over from Aus solo traveller, just seeing who else is doing this? Super pumped


I’m doing those dates too, heading from Perth!


Nice! I’m from Hobart! Wish its hurry up already thinking I’m getting to London 3 days before and then staying an extra week hopefully get to Belgium and Luxembourg aswell


Yeah I’m thinking of staying an extra week or so ( a few days in London as I’ve got family in the UK). But would be cool to check some other places out too if I have the time, seeing as i’m already all the way there haha


I’m doing those dates too, I’m heading there 2 days early to check London out and I’m heading from Brisbane.


Are you guys staying at the topdeck hostel before hand?


I am the night before the tour but at another place the first night I fly in. Are you staying there?