Winter Spirit - 12 November


Hi, [br][br]Im doing this tour - first one. I’m travelling on my own, and just wanting to see who else out there was doing this tour. [br][br]Laura


Hi,[br]I am not on your tour but I am going on the Winter Wonder on Jan 2 by myself and have not heard of anyone else going on it either. hopefully even though it is winter,it is still a big group…[br][br]Andrea


hey,[br][br]not doing this trip but i am doing the Winter Getaway[br]on 28th Nov, i also havent found anyone doin my trip.[br][br]Mel


Hopefully we can all find at least one person on our trips. It would be nice to know who we will be with…I am sure people are still join the groups as they are all a few months away.[br][br]Andrea


hi im thinking of doing winter waltz which joins with winter spirit at the end. just not 100% sure at the moment!


Laura, I have just booked the Winter Waltz tour which joins with your winter spirit in prague on the 29th November!![br][br]Christina


Hey guys![br][br]I’m doing the Winter Spirit starting on November 12th! Can’t wait. Have you found anyone else doing it yet?[br][br]-Rob