Winter Spirit - 11th Nov 2010.. Who's in :D


Hi! I am Beckie a 26 year old from Australia and booking the Winter Spirit for 11th of November… (early I know, but you gotta have a plan to start saving for!) I arrive on the 9th of Nov to London-town after a stop over in Greece, and being my first time to Europe am pretty excited!! Im applying for a Youth Mobility Visa, so looking to stay on after the tour… Anyways thought it would be good to see who else is heading out on this tour ;D Or if anyone has an experiences of this trip to share.


Hi Beckie!

I’m a 26 year old from Australia (Melbourne) too and want to do the Winter Spirit too, but not until January 20th (even earlier than you hahaha!!). I’m looking at staying on in Europe afterwards too, on a working Visa. What is a Youth Mobility Visa? Like a travel visa? Have you booked your flights etc already? Sorry… I know these questions are a little unrelated to the tour itself but I’m going by myself and just wanted to find out what other people are doing etc.

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of booking this trip too!
Currently in the UK on a working holiday, but wanting to make it back home to Aus before Christmas.
Also keen to hear some experiences!


Hi Guys,

I’m Johnny (A GIRL ) 25 from Sydney, going on the winter trip on the 13th of Nov and then setting up camp in London for 1.5 years. Are you guys gonna be in London?

thanks Johnny :slight_smile:


Im also doing this trip and im travelling solo so would be great to chat with you guys before we left!

Im getting so excited!



Tip for those wanting to get a youth mobility visa: make sure you have the visa before you leave, if it is in the process stages while your on the trip it is highly likely you will have to go home to have it approved. You have to apply for it whilst in australia. i’ve had a few friends that have had to go back home after arriving in london all because their visa hadnt been processed and fully approved.


are you from Aus? because from the research ive done and the stuff ive heard from other aussies i thought we didnt have to get any visas for the countries we are visiting? or is the youth mobility visa something else?


Hi All :slight_smile:
I’m heading out on this trip as well, so it’s great to see a couple of people chatting away. I’m from syd / dubbo in Aus and am also 26.

To answer kate89, if your just traveling for the period of these tours you wont need a visa. I think the others are staying on in the UK to work hence the youth mobility visa, so you don’t need to worry :slight_smile:



hi my name is peggy,

im 27 living in syd and also going on this tour.
is anyone staying at the clink before the tour?
i arrive in london on the 9th of nov is anyone keen to catch up and meet. im a first time solo traveler.

from Peg