Winter Spirit 11/01/18-03/02/18


Hi Guys,

Booked my trip on these dates, first time travelling solo overseas and cannot wait but also curious to see if anyone else has booked and is on my trip dates too!!! Jan 11th 2018 to Feb 3rd 2018.


Hey there. I’m going to be in that tour too! It would be my first time to see Europe.


Yay! Well we will have a blast ahahha!!! so excited


Hello I’ll be on this trip too. So excited! I won’t be travelling solo as my partner is coming with me but we cannot wait to meet everyone and create awesome memories with our group. It’s our first time travelling Europe too. :smiley:


Hey :slight_smile:
Recently booked from Perth, also going to be on the trip with a friend
so excited to meet everyone!


Hi guys!! I’m about to book my trip for these dates and I’m so excited - I’ve never really traveled before and I’ll be going alone so imma need you guys to be my pals hahaha


Awesome :smiley:


This will be great! Lauren, i am travelling solo too! so don’t worry :slight_smile:


Super excited to meet you guys! My first time travelling solo as well! I’m from sydney :slight_smile:


Just booked with a friend we are travelling from Sydney, will be my first time travelling overseas aswell


I’ve booked this trip. So excited and cannot wait! first time travelling solo too!


Hey Guys, a few of us have made a group facebook chat on messenger to talk more easily etc. If you guys get the topdeck app that is also helpful as well as we are all on that. Either drop your name for your FB profile so we can add you or add me and i will add you guys. My DP is Sophia Bruggemann :grin:


If you wouldn’t mind adding me to the facebook group that’d be great thanks. My profile name is Sharnee Lester and I have the same profile picture as on here :slight_smile:


Cool Awesome :smiley: