Winter spirit 10th jan


anybody doing it? i’ve just booked!


hey! im going on this trip as well with my friend and her boyfriend :slight_smile:


cool! i can’t wait!


I’m in too! Just booked my tix today. Should be some good weather hah!


I’m in, should be one mean as trip - Hope I can adjust to the cold, I’ll be coming straight from Thailand :o)


I’m doing this trip also - really looking forward to it! Where is everyone from? I’m getting excited - also are people travelling around Europe at all before and afterwards?


i’m from adelaide, i’ll be in london for a week before the tour…


We’re all from Perth. Having a 6 nights in London before we leave and then I’m travelling around France with a friend for 2 weeks afterwards. Starting to get a little excited! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
Am on this trip too. Join in Paris tho… Pretty kick arse trip!!


Hey guys,
I am thinking of booking this trip and was just wondering if anyone is planning on travelling to other places or if anyone plans on staying in London for a little while after the tour is done.
Coming from Canada!


I’m flying to London a couple of days before. After the tour I’m going to travel through Spain and hopefully regain some of my tan!


I still have to book my trip but I will also be flying into London a day or two before we take off! Are you travelling to Spain alone after the tour? I’m just trying to figure out when to book my flight home. I want to make sure I have enough time in Europe before flying back to Canada :slight_smile:


I am planning on travelling in Germany and Spain for 2 weeks after the trip finishes hopefully! Am on my own so more than keen to meet up with people! Also I will be starting the tour in Paris I think as will be in France for a week beforehand! getting excited!


Heya, I’m doing a 10 day trip through Spain on another tour company after this tour. But before I go on the Spanish tour I’m spending 10 days in London…recuperating. But if someone twisted my arm, I’d be up for a little travelling during that time :wink:


Im doing the tour as well! coming from wales, from melbourne, and I’m staying in london for a week after the tour


I’m all booked! Flying into London Jan 8th. Staying at Clink Hostel until we leave. I am then spending 18 days in London (or wherever) after the tour!


Not long to go! Are you all bringing sleeping bags?


I’m not bringing a sleeping bag… I don’t think we need one.


Hey guys does anyone know if the winter express forms part of this trip? I am booked on that one departing the same day as you guys and the itenary is the same except mine is only for 11 days :slight_smile:


I’m on this tour too. From Melbourne Australia. I will be in London 5 days before and after :slight_smile:

Anyone with ideas on where to find a good winter coat for this adventure??