Winter Spirit 1 December 2011


my friend and i have booked the Winter Spirit Tour starting on 1 December this year. Who else is going then?


Hey Alexandra,

I am going on this trip with my gf and another mate of mine!!

We are pretty excited already too, even though its still ages away. B-)

Is this your first trip?? Are you planning on doing any more travelling when the tour finishes??


hello Bryce,

yeah it’ll be mine, and my friends, first time overseas so it’s extra exciting.
yeah, we’ll spending an extra five days in London at the end of the tour, so we might stay in London the whole time or go back to places on the tour we liked, not quite sure. What about you guys?


Thats awsume!! :slight_smile:

We are spending about 5 days in london before the tour, then after the tour we are hanging around for christmas then leaving on boxing day to head to the us.

How long before the tour starts are you guys getting to london??


Woo Can’t wait! This holiday is going to be awesome Bryce :slight_smile:
ps. Im Bryce’s ‘other mate’. :smiley:


we’re actually getting to London the day before the tour starts, at 3pm. I’m not sure whether that’s wise or not, but that’s what we’ve booked haha. we’re spending Christmas in London too, white christmas!


Hey Guys,

I’m going on this trip as well and cant wait either!! but i’m travelling by myself.

Its going to be amazing!!! :slight_smile:


Hey Megan,

Yeah its guna be awsome hey. This years going so fast too so it wont be too long until we are all there!!

What are your plans before/after the tour? Are you doing any other tours or travelling anywhere else? How long before the tour are you getting to London?

And yeah Alexandra, a white christmas is going to be awsome! :slight_smile: Very different to a christmas here! haha. Im sure you guys will be fine getting there at 3 hey…should be enough time to recover from the flight before the tour! Are you guys staying at the clink?


It unreal how fast this year is going!!! It was six months sunday til i leave ;D

I arrive into london on the 15th November but i’m going over to New York for a week to see family which should be amazing! i arrive back a couple days before the tour. Have you booked at Clink?

I leave london to come back home on the 4th jan but i have no real plans after the tour yet!!


haha, thats awsome…that would mean its like 6 months and just over a week until we leave. :slight_smile: it seems like ages now but its going to go so quickly!

Yeah we just booked the clink a couple of weeks ago hey, we get to london on the 26th of november and we are staying there until we leave on the tour…What about you??

New York will be amazing!! We are leaving London on boxing day after the tour to go there for new years…cant wait!! ;D


New York will absolutely unreal for New Years!! I had a friend do it last year and said it was amazing!!

I havenÂ’t booked my London accommodation yet but will prob book clink for when I get back from New York :slight_smile:

Have you got much planned for before the tour?



My friend and I are doing the tour on 1st December as well! ;D Soooo Excited!


Hey Venus, yeah, its starting to get exciting now we are meeting people going on the same tour hey!! :slight_smile: What are your plans before and after the tour?? When are you guys getting to London/are you staying at the clink?

and nah Megan, we dont have much planned before the tour yet. We rnt hanging around in London that long after the tour so I think we will be doing all the sightseeing sort of stuff before the tour starts. If your back from new york you should totally come do the sightseeing with us?? unless your doing all that stuff before you leave for ny?? Then we can all hang out before the tour actually starts!! ;D Did you have anything planned before the tour when you get back from ny??


I’m all booked in at the clink ;D now!! I arrive back from NY on the Monday before our tour But I have nothing planned yet so I will definitely tag along if that’s cool when I get back? what sights and stuff do you reckon you’ll do?

Also I was thinking about starting up a facebook page?

Hey Venus it is definitely exciting i can not wait!!! ;D


Thats Awsume that ur all booked in at the clink! ;D

I think we get to London on the Saturday before the tours starts so theres not too much of a difference between when we get there and you get back from ny neways. Yeah we should definately do all the sights as a group!! It will heaps more fun that way and we can all hang out before the tour starts which will be cool.

Not 100% sure what sights we are going to do yet but definatly all the major ones (tower of London, Buckingham Palace etc)…pretty sure Ive been told that we are going to the ministry of sound nightclub too!! haha Do you have any idea of what sights you want to see?? And yeah I think the facebook page is a good idea!! ;D


So I have made a page on facebook for the tour its under Winter Spirit 1 December 2011:

Yeah not sure what I want to do really just all the standard stuff plus i really want to go to an English Premier League game!! ;D


Is anyone planning on doing the skydiving in the Swiss alps? I’ve heard its amazing!!


I was thinking about it but not sure? are you gonna do it?


Yeh I’m pretty keen to do it as I have never done it before… I’m hoping the weather conditions are ok, so they let us do it!