Winter Spirit 02FEB12


Hi There.

I was wondering if anyone is doing this trip?

i am all booked :slight_smile: and travelling alone.



Hi Ashlee

I am also doing this trip. I am booked to and also travelling alone.

I hope to catch up before we go.

Can’t wait…not long to go now.



Hello all!
I just moved into this tour from the one starting on the 9th of Feb.
I’m paying it off next week, and also traveling alone.



I’m Courtney from Brisbane!! I am booked on this tour and I am also a solo traveler!!

CAN’T WAIT :slight_smile:


So excited :smiley: Not long to go. Has anyone received more information about the trip?


Hey Guys,.

Cant believe how close it is now! only a couple of weeks!!

i havent got docs yet, but still havent paid off my total owing.

What are your plans before the trip? ive got a pre week in london.

Anyone live around the newcastle area and wanna catch up before we go??



My travel agent told me all the docs will be in 3 weeks before the tour starts!!

Starting to get really excited! Bought my ski clothes this week!!!


OMG, i havent got my winter clothes,

i havent even organised xmas presents! what winter clothes did you get? i was thinking of getting a proper jacket, but there like $350bucks! and i only have 20kg luggage so i have no idea what to take with me.

i fly out in … 36 Days :slight_smile:


I’m flying out in 34 days and spending a week in Norway, then a couple days in London before the trip. Are you all staying the hostel the night before?
I’m bringing massive snow boots, or would that be too over the top? I also have quite a thick coat, and was thinking just jumpers and jeans.
Ahh I want to get the documents now, just to suss out the whole thing


I fly out in 40 days!! Staying at the Clink for 2 nights before we leave.

I am thinking of buying some snow boots… Ema, do you have yours yet??

I have been told to avoid jeans… if they get wet you will freeze and they don’t block out the cold wind anyway!! I just bought some ski pants, they look like normal dress pants though :slight_smile: and a jacket.


Yeah, they are an old pair of snow boots, so big and bulky. Not sure if it’s worth packing something so big…
Man, I was hoping to wear jeans. Maybe I’ll buy a pair of snow pants. Any other pieces of clothing that would be suitable? I mean, we can buy stuff over there, but it’d be nice to be organised.


Also, my jacket is just a normal winter coat. Maybe I should get one more suited for water?


I wanted to be organised too so I bought my stuff here… You could get stuff when you arrive. I was just concerned I wouldn’t have the time.

As long as you have a few layers, a normal winter coat should be ok :slight_smile:


hi all… i know im a tad late in this convo but thought i would just say hi and that im goin solo as well… all booked n paid for… dont really hav plans for after the trip so if anyone wants to continue partyin then we should def go on somewhere…

ohh btw wat stuff do we need n wat stuff do we get for skiing…

cheers x)


I think the skiing is an optional extra… guess you just have to hire gear.

Where are you staying after the tour ends?


What’s the name of the hostel? Is it Clink? I searched for it on and it’s come up with:
Clink78, London, England
Clink261, London, England


Clink78 is the hostel that the tour starts and ends at!


Finally paid my trip off. yay - just need to get some euro and pound, but ill wait alittle longer for that.

Im staying at the Hilton Kensington for 6 nights and then one night at the Clink. im thinking of heading up to edinburgh though for a night, id love to see it up there as well, but ill figure that out after xmas.

im so confused about the clothes, i brought some water proof snow boots, but they dont seem to weigh that much. everyone says thermals thermals thermals, so hopefully i can pick them up on sale. not sure about ski pants, that was my orignal plan but i got talked out of it and back to jeans, with people saying that jeans are better? but makes sense out the wet thing.

Krakow was minus 10 on wed!! need warm clothes!

is everyone doing the entire tour?? im jumping ship in Amsterdam, but apparently people are jumping ship in Rome.



I am doing the entire tour!

My docs arrived at the travel agent yesterday!!! I am soooo excited. Found out today so I will be picking them up next Friday!


Why are people leaving in Rome? That’s halfway through the tour! Ahh I want my docs. I’m also doing the whole tour, and heading straight to Heathrow once we get back :stuck_out_tongue: