WINTER SPIRIT - 01 December 2012


Hey if you’re coming on the ‘Winter Spirit’ trip which starts on the 1st of December 2012, you should post here!

Who are you? Where are you from? Any ideas for what to see and do on free days? Are you keen to meet before the trip starts?

I’m Scott, from The Central Coast area of NSW, Australia (originally from Sydney, Australia). I’m travelling on my own as my friends have all ‘been there and done that’ before. I’m hoping to see the Catacombs in Paris on the free day there.
I’ve booked 1 night at Clink78 the night before we leave, so I should be in the bar if you want to meet… and I’ll be in the UK from November 16.


Hey Scott,
My name is Kayla, I’m from Adelaide, SA. I’m on the winter spirit tour departing on the 1st December. I will be in the UK from the 28th staying in the clink78. We should meet up before the tour, I’m travelling alone too. Only just deciding now what to do on the free days.


Hi Kayla,

I’ll see you in the bar on the 30th, pretty sure we just drop the name TopDeck and it wont be hard to find people!