Winter rhapsody 18th January 2017


Hi, me and two other friends have just booked this tour, just wondering if anyone else has booked this one too.
Bianca :slight_smile:


Hi Bianca,
I’m on that tour too :slight_smile:
Travelling by myself, very excited!


Hey amber, that’s awesome :smile: where are you from? Can’t wait for the tour


I’m from Tasmania, Aus. :slight_smile:
Where are you from?


I’m from Adelaide :smiley:


Hi Girls :wave: I’ll be on that tour too :smiley:
Travelling by myself and from Melbourne :slight_smile:


Hey Amy, yay that’s so exciting. It’s coming up quickly too :grin:


Hey folks! I’m very excited to this trip too. I’m from Brazil and travelling by myself. Second Topdeck experience! Wooow! It’ll be a pleasure to travel together! See you soon!


Can’t wait :grin: :minibus: