Winter in Europe


Hey all

As a uni student in Australia I can only go to Europe in their winter. Alliteratively, I can wait a 2 years and have a ‘gap year’ between my degree and my career, or wait a few more years and go on annual leave. That way I may go at a more preferred time (autumn/spring, not a fan of the cold but am used to Tasmanian winters). I am busting to go to Europe!

Just wondering what your thoughts are?


Do both! Winter is amazing, even the fact of how utterly cold it is! If you’re into skiing/snowboarding there are heaps of choices there, but you can still see and do most things. I was in US and Europe over New Years 2008/2009 in my uni holidays and it was amazing. Definitely gave me the travel bug and here I am - moving to the UK tomorrow!


do all three!
winter travelling is amazing - generally quiter and prettier depending on where u go and the experience from being a student and scrounging is different to splashing out a bit when you have a job
a gap year is fantastic - if u have 2 years thats more than enough time to save up again
i just got my first full time job after uni and i have just saved to go to europe in winter - we’re looking forward to being able to spend a bit and annual leave is worth it cause ur getting paid while your on holidays
i dont think i made ur decision any easier but who says you should limit yourself