Winter golf trip to Australia

Hi guys,

I’m planning a winter golf trip to Australia and wanted to ask if anyone had ever traveled to Aus for golfing and if you knew of any good play&stay destinations?

I am finding it hard to pick a club - has loads of good courses but I was hoping for some first hand experience and recommendations. According to this out-of-season golf holiday guide
The Bonville Golf Resort is highly recommended and can be reaches by flights out of Sydney. The course looks great and with equipment available onsite I wouldn’t have to worry about traveling with all my golf gear.

Has anyone played at the Bonville resort? Please let me know if you have/if you would recommend it.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

try to find a proper golf club

I didn’t travel to Australia for golf but I have friends who did it and they were pretty amazed by it. You know, if Australia would be known for only one thing, then this would be the golf resorts. My friends were amazed by it and made me want to go there also. One of them brought me a Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver from Australia, he bought a few King Cobra drivers from there. I really like it. It feels so good in my hands, I feel like Tiger Woods every time I play with it. It is my first driver from King Cobra. Before it, I used a Powerbilt XP7 Black Driver which was cheap and not a that good golf driver.
King Cobra Golf Clubs Review: