winter getaway


Anyone doing winter getaway starts on the 22nd December 2012 Finishes on the 8th January 2013
I like to hear from you…


Im doing the 18th Dec one :slight_smile:


Do the one on the 18th of Dec!! :slight_smile:


Tash you also on the 18th like me :))


Yep!! Iv been talking to you on FB ;D not unless there are 2 Petra’s on our tour… Haha


ohh yea haha nah there is only 1 :slight_smile: hehe


i’ve already booked the 22nd of december :slight_smile:


Yo, I am!!


hey yes me and one of my friends booked to go on this tour 2 weeks ago! you guys should get on the topdeck meet app!


hi all! im new to these staff. is anyone going to winter spirit 14 march 2013 - 6 april 2013? :slight_smile:


Hey Michelle I am booked for the 22nd of December!!!

Calum are you on this one too??

When are you guys getting to london? Are you staying at the Clink28 before?