Winter Getaway


Hey people[br] Im an australian girl, who is 19 and goin on the winter getaway on the 8th january. was just wondering if there is anyone else out there goin on this tour, if so would love to hear from you! or is someone has already been on this tour, would like to hear all about it!![br]my friend and I are very excited, nearly the end of uni and then heading over seas after christmas, what could be better!![br]Hope to hear from you,[br]thanks[br][br]Smile[br]Keep safe[br]Mel


It is gettin very lonely looking and checkin if there is any replies!! would now like to hear from anyone!! :slight_smile: any advice or just want to chat about europe. [br]go the swannies, so glad they won the AFL grand final!!:):)[br]smile[br][br][br]Smile[br]Keep safe[br]Mel


MelMel,[br][br]Go the swans - Was a close game 4 points.[br][br]Doing the Egypt thing Sept 2006 so can not help you.[br][br]Have done Europe and you will have a ball.[br][br]Love to chat [br][br]Gee


Hey Gee,[br]Nice to have a reply 8-). Thanks!![br]So you have done Europe?? when/where did you go? did you go with top deck? lm pretty excited so any useful info would be great, thanks.[br]so your goin to Egypt, thats cool, I would love to do that too, its on my to do list!! there is so much out there in the world i would like to see, visit and experience!! where to start.[br]OMG the swans…I so glad they won, I was stressing out so much.I have been a fan for so long that I even cried at the end…hahah tears of joy!! [br]So where abouts you from?[br]yEAH it would be nice to chat[br]mel[br][br][br][br]Smile[br]Keep safe[br]Mel


Hi Mel[br][br]My name is Mel too![br][br]Ill be doing to Winter Getaway in Jan, glad to hear there are 2 other Aussies doing it too, even though your a Swans supporter (Im a massive Eagles fan).[br][br]Im arriving in London in Dec so let me know if you’ll be getting in early too.[br][br]Mel.


Hey Mel,[br][br]Wowwers that is weird we are both Mel, what does ur stand for?? melissa, melanie, melinda?? or another one i cant remember!! Im a Melissa actually :)[br][br]Yeah I arrive in london on the 6th of Jan, just a couple of days before we leave on the 8th, ill be standing at the wake up, figured it would be the easiest!!how about urself?? what else u doing over there? [br]how old are you?? sorry to hear your eagels supporter…:slight_smile: how good was the game though? [br][br]hope to speak soon[br]mel[br][br][br][br]Smile[br]Keep safe[br]Mel


Hiya Mel[br][br]Yes Im also a Melissa :)Crazy! Yeah game was sad I was soo sure Eagles would win, theres always next season. I’ll be staying with family (south west of london, Twickenham to be exact). So Im pretty sure one of my fam will drop me off on the morning of the tour.[br][br]Im 21, this is my first trip OS (except for when I was 2 but dont really remember it) and Im travelling by myself. I’ll be away from home (sunny Perth-although not so sunny atm) till Feb (10 weeks), planning on going to Scotland, Ireland, Brighton and Singapore on the way home. Umm what else?? I graduated from uni last yr, in my first year of full time work!!! Thats why I can afford to go away![br][br]What are you studying at uni? Where in Aust you from? Ive been to a few different states (ACT, VIC, NSW). How long will you be away from home for? Whats your friends name? Would be good to meet up before the tour, if your not too jetlagged on the 7th?[br][br]:slight_smile: Mel.


MelMel,[br][br]Hey i went on Contiki in 1998 and from Brisbane![br]I had an absolute ball but from what i have heard would not use Contiki again as food and everything has gone down hill from then to now.[br][br]Yes the Swans played well and i travelled all of Europe and a little bit of London but i have decided that 02/09/2006 will do Japan for a few days (Tokyo) then England/Ireland/Scotland/Wales then Egypt and looking for travel buddies that want to have some fun.[br][br]If you want to drop me an email - i would love it.[br][br]It is funny that there is another Mel - Wow[br][br]So would you be interested in Egypt 1st week October 2006? 15 days for aprox $1080 - Cheap hey![br][br]Gee


Hey mel[br][br]Yeah sounds like you will have so much fun, 10 whole weeks. thats something i would love to do, but i am just making budget for a month that i am going hehe. im currently at uni doin ba of education primary. what did u study? where are you working now?[br][br]I live in sydney, yeah i have also been overseas with family a couple of times,America when i was in year6 and year 9. have also done nsw, qld, vic and tas!! [br][br]I am 19years old, turning the big 20 in feb!! Yeah we should meet up on the 7th, i will just have to check with my friend Megan. not sure of our plans. will let you know soon. [br][br]Im getting so excited about the tour, also a little nervous. Hope it wont be too cold. Have you started to organise any of your items?[br][br]Talk to you soon[br]Mel[br][br][br][br]Smile[br]Keep safe[br]Mel


Hey Gee,[br]i shall drop you an email soon, just easier this way because lm filling in time before a class at uni!![br]I also heard that contike and topdeck are enemies on tours, so i have heard from a friend who did one this year. should be loads of fun!!![br]What was ur fav place in europe?? do u suggest any places in london to visit? eat at?? just after first hand knowledge:)[br][br]I would love to travel more around the united kingdom, and also do Egypt, but at the moment, i cant see myself having that sort of money again in a short period of time. thought i am thinking about maybe goin to new zealand next christmas time, so prob jan/feb time 2007. [br][br]So where are you from? how old are you? [br]well time is ticking down the tour and lm getting excited…but first thing is first must attend class.[br]cya[br]mel[br][br]Smile[br]Keep safe[br]Mel


Hi Mel[br][br]I sent you an email, hope you dont mind me getting the address off your profile!!! :slight_smile: My email is[br][br]Will speak to you soon.[br][br]Mel.


Howdy Peoples…[br][br]22 y/o Male aussie headin over to europe on the 2nd of december, taking the winter getaway tour on the 08th of Jan (Hella lookin forward to it too! ;D)… [br][br]Anybody else goin at the same time?[br][br]L8ers[br][br]Lucas


Hey ya[br][br]Im Tianna, Ducka’s sister, im 20, female (obviously)and im also going on the winter getaway on the 8th jan! yeay im so excited![br][br]cant wait to meet u all![br][br]cya soon[br][br]T-Dog[br][br]24Hrs in a day 24 Beers in a carton… coincidence i think not!


[quote]Originally posted by T-Dog[br]
[br]Im Tianna, Ducka’s sister, im 20, female (obviously)and im also going on the winter getaway on the 8th jan! yeay im so excited![br][/quote][br][br]I have no idea who you are you crazy person… How did you even get into the forum?! :stuck_out_tongue:


well lucas i just havent been able to keep my eyes off you all day[br][br]its me remember…[br][br]you look nice today[br][br]:-*[br][br]hahahaha[br][br]your a freak! just you wait till i get home![br][br];D[br][br]24Hrs in a day 24 Beers in a carton… coincidence i think not!


B) cry


HEY NEW people lm so excited!! glad to hear there are more aussies goin on this tour! so its Lucas and Tianna right?? where abouts are you both from? What do you both do for a living? Im a uni bum! [br]How long are you planning to stay away for? [br]Im leaving for the UK on 5th Jan! lm Pretty pumped! [br]Im goin on the tour with a friend from school! Both 19, as mentioned above![br]hope to hear from you both soon!![br]smile [br]mel[br]Back to study for exams me now!! fun[br][br]Smile[br]Keep safe[br]Mel


Ha Hi Mel,[br][br]We’re both from North QLD, around the airly beach/Mackay region. Friggen hot up here at the moment, hence another reason why im looking forward to europe.[br][br]Yeah im heading over to the UK on the 2’nd of December to spend a bit of time treking around england, and catching up with mates. Possibly might even fit in a week of skiing somewhere in France, but thats a little up in the air at the moment.[br][br]Tianna ends up comming over to the UK around the 27th so she can be around england on new years (should Rawk!). We both then leave for the top deck tour on the 08th of Jan for one hell of a time.[br][br]Whens your tour leave Mel?[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Lucas


hey Lucus[br][br]Yeah Im goin on the same topdeck tour as you guys, which leaves the 8th of jan!! lm pretty excited!! i leave for london on the 5th of jan, which gives me 2 days to recover from flight and look around london!! also with the whole money factor only started saving in late feb, and before that i have nothing in the bank!! to its been a hard year working and doing Uni! i come home on the 31st of jan![br][br]when do you guys head home from overseas?? [br][br]Yeah lm from blue mountains/ sydney way, so its been raining the past couple of days which has been nice!yeah i have heard its hot there now, but isnt it always?? :P[br][br]so im guessin you have booked??[br][br]anyhows i better go, i have uni exams starting tomorrow![br]It would be good to chat to you more![br]smile[br]mel[br][br][br][br]Smile[br]Keep safe[br]Mel


Hi Lucas and Tianna[br][br]Im another Mel (and Aussie) doing the tour on the 8th of Jan. I arrive in London on the 13th Dec and will also be there for NY and xmas. Would be great to meet up with you both before the tour.[br][br]Im from WA (weather here is imporving but still not hot enough!!). Im 21 and now working full time after graduating from uni last yr.[br][br]So glad there are other ppl on this tour, Mel and I were starting to think we would be the only ones!![br][br]Mel.