Winter Getaway



Is anyone doing the Winter Getaway Tour on November 27th 2010? Really looking forward to a great trip.

Also for anyone that may have already done it do you have any tips on things I might need to know? And how much money you spent on this particular tour :slight_smile:



Hey, I went on this tour in january and it was awesome!!! i think i spent a little less than 2000 euros…i think! My tips:
try paprika pringles…they will change your life!
See the statue David in Florence
Pillow case and sheet is a good idea
powerboard is something i wish i brought

The tour guide will give you tips everytime you visit a new city…have fun!!


Hey Erin :slight_smile: I’m hoping to do the winter getaway aswell.
I was looking at the one that departs 20th November, it has 10% off ;D…although i was told theres only 12 peple booked on it so far so i may look at the one on the 27th. Not sure yet but thought id say hey


Hey, I’m doing the first Winter Getaway trip, the one that leaves on November 6th…definitely counting the days now! ;D I haven’t gotten my e-docs yet so hopefully everything’s still good to go, but since it’s less than 6 weeks now I’m sure I would’ve heard by now if it wasn’t going ahead. I’m trying to budget for about $2K CDN for food/spending $ (or about 60 euros a day, as is recommended) but I don’t plan on spending a lot of $ on alcohol so hopefully that’ll leave me w/a bit left over! Shopping on the other hand…that might be a bit harder to control, but I’ll try not to get too carried away! :stuck_out_tongue:


great! thanks guys! its coming up so soon.
Thanks for the tips as well. I will endeavour to try the pringles for a life changing experience ha!

Take care guys.

Hope to see some ye ol travellers jumping on board this trip.

Till then… be cool.


hey guys!!! anyone doing the winter getaway leaving the 8th of jan? :slight_smile: I CANT WAIT!!!