Winter Getaway


Hi Everyone![br][br]Just wondering if anyone has booked for the Winter Getaway tour starting 21 November?[br]:)[br]


hey, im doing the winter getaway but i leave on the 28th november.[br]I havent found many ppls on here yet that are doing one of our tours but i am sure that more will come soon.[br][br]When do u get to london/when are you leaving??


Hi Guys,[br][br]I am going on the Winter Getaway on the 21 November and looking forward to it . its my first time traveling with Top deck but I hear nothing but goods things. :)[br][br]I leave on the 21st starting out in London…


Hey Mel,[br][br]I’m sure that there will be people on the tour with you! Only a month to go, So excited![br]When do you get into London? I will be in London a few days before the tour begins. :)[br][br]Hey Leroi,[br][br]Yay! Some one on the same tour! This is my first time traveling alone and very excited! [br]Where abouts are you from? ;D


Hey Cad,[br][br]Yeah I know not many people have responded but I am sure they will nearer the time. I am from London and very excited too as I have always wanted to do a tour like this. Roll on Novermber !!8-)[br][br][br]when are you flying into London?


I am getting in really early on th 26th nov, soo excited only like 5 weeks away


I’m booked in to the December 30th tour! Anyone else on this one?


Hey Leroi![br][br]I fly in to London 2 days before and planning on seeing as much as I can of London before the tour starts. Any recommendations?[br]I also recieved the itinerary today! Very excited now;D


Oops, I meant the 29th December, not the 30th :-[


Hey Cad,[br][br]So this be your first time in London? well theres lots to do.[br][br]But as a must you should do the following :-[br][br]London Eye[br]Buckingham Palace - Bit of culture lol[br]Tower of London[br]Big Ben[br]Madame Tussaud’s[br]National gallery[br]Harrods - Shopping but theirs lots of place’s to shop[br][br]Check out London areas :-[br]Convent Gardens[br]Trafalgar square[br]oxford Cirus[br][br]That should keep you Buzy until our Main Event.;D[br][br][br]There loads of bars and clubs in the city too.


Hi guys,[br][br]I’m traveling (alone) on the November 21st Winter Getaway tour too![br][br]Only booked 1.5 weeks ago on impulse so it’s been a bit of a rush for me to get everything organised. [br][br]Look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:


Hi Laura![br][br]So excited to meet another person on the tour! [br]Where abouts in Australia are you from?[br]Looking forward to meeting you all in a few weeks![br];D[br]


Hi Cad,[br][br]Im from the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. You?[br][br]I can’t wait for the trip, haven’t had a holiday in far too long. Never even been overseas before, let alone by myself so im sure it will be an adventure!


This will truely be a great Adventure and only 2 weeks to go :)… I can’t wait to meet you all and share the Experience.


Hey guys! My boyfriend and I are going on the 21st too! We cant wait! I am stressing about what to bring though! We’ll be in London the night before and also 7 days after the tour!I cant wait to meet everyone!


Hey Laura,[br][br]I’m from Sydney, when are you flying in?[br]Very excited, a bit too keen and have already begun packing![br][br]Not long now too meet you all, :)[br]where abouts are you from Cassie?


Hey everyone![br][br]I’m going to be on the November 21st Winter Getaway tour as well. This is my first real travelling experience and will also be going solo, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one![br]I’ll be in London a couple days early as well. Looking forward to meeting you all![br][br]Briana


Hey Cad,[br][br]I’m flying in on the morning of the 20th. Staying at the Generator Hostel that night.[br][br]I’ve also started packing, but that’s mostly due to my clothing addiction and having to try and cull how much im taking lol[br][br]So glad to see there are quite a few other solo people! Hi Briana!


hey mel, i am Trish i will be on the same tour as you leaving nov 28th i will get to london nov 26th staying at the generator 2 nights before and 1 night after before headding back to sydney[br][br]trish


Hello![br][br]I too will be joining the Winter Getaway tour ( The 21st!)[br][br]Travelling by myself and spending a couple extra days in Paris before joining the trip! And well a couple extra in London at the end…[br][br]Looking forward to it![br][br]~Chrissy