Winter Getaway-Only 4 weeks to go


Just wondering if anyone else out there is going on the [br]winter getaway on november 28th, i am and it’s not long away…[br]so excited.[br][br]Any one going to be in london around 26th-27th november??[br][br]Melissa


Hey guys, [br][br]Only 2 weeks till i leave melbourne now. Cant wait[br]till i get to London, who else is going to be in London[br]on 26th-27th November??? [br][br]And also is anyone else going on the WInter Getaway [br]on the 28th November??[br][br]Melissa


yep that would be me ;D i get there nov 26th… i will have my room mate les too !![br][br]you can email me on[br][br]Trish


Hey Trish, it’s good to finally find someone that’s going on[br]this tour with me. Are you flying out of sydney and also when[br]on the 26th are you getting into london??[br][br]I am also doing a similar thing although i am flying out of melbourne[br]and getting inti london early on the 26th and staying for 2 nights before and also 2 nights after.[br][br]Melissa


hey mel,[br]les and i are leaving sydney at 1540 on the 25th nov get to kalala lumpur 2050 there time them leave again 2355 and arrive at heathrow at 0525am on the 26th. we are staying at the generator 2 nights before and 1 night after leaving at 2200 on the 16th dec…[br]i hope this helps[br][br]trish


thats cool, i’m due to get in 20 minutes after you on the 26th


do u want us to wait for you?[br]i dont know anything about that place but i can met u somewhere i got one of those internation sim cards so i can give u the number or something??? upto u… [br]trish


sounds like an idea, ill send ya an email


Hey peoples, just seeing if there was anyone else out there going on the winter getaway on 28th november??


Hi[br][br]I am not doing this tour but was wondering if you could tell me where you got your International Sim Card. I am doing the Winter Wonder which starts on the 29 November. I have been trying to search for the best sim card for me to buy and was hoping there would be an International Sim Card? Thank you![br][br]Aimee


Hi all, only just been able to login.[br]5 of my friends and I will be joining the tour in Paris on the 29th. can’t wait. Just wondering if you’re taking sleeping bags? The website says yes but we’ve rung twice and they’ve said no. :S


hey, sounds great. Yeah i am taking a sleeping bag just in case i need it.[br][br]Melissa


i am taking a sleeping bag too!![br][br][br][br]you get international sim card from this website… well thats how i got it ekit i think[br][br]i hope this helps[br][br]trish


Thank you![br][br]Enjoy your trip!