Winter Getaway November 5th?


Hey guys,
Its my first time travelling and was wondering if anyone is planning or have booked a winter getaway trip on the 5th of november??

thanks :slight_smile:


hey :slight_smile:
i am looking at booking to go on this trip, first time travelling as well



Hey Hey Gorgeous Girls! I am booking this trip tomorrow!

SO Exciting! First Time travelling by my self!



I have booked this trip! Travelling on my own for the first time- scared but excited!! :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m thinking of going on the 5th of Nov trip with my best mate. Leaving Sydney on the 1st of Nov and staying a few days in London prior to the trip. Do you reckon Europe would be any good in Winter or the party life would be as good or if many people would go on this tour?



I am also a first time traveller and going on this tour too!
Very much looking forward to it.



Great to see a few more people on this trip. Is anyone going to be in London before the tour starts, i’ll be there a couple of days beforehand would love to meet a few people i’ll be travelling with!


Hi Brea,

I will be in london a couple of days before hand. I land on the 1st November in Heathrow.
Email me if you want:

Alex ;D


I’m booked on this trip too, I’m glad I’m not the only one going by myself! And so far it looks full of Aussies!


Thats great Claire! Feel free to add me on facebook- Brea Chizzoniti


Hey guys,

I’m doing this trip too! Super excited and little nervous as I’m travelling solo as well. Not too long to go now…i should probably start saving :confused: Feel free to add my on facebook (ebony conroy), see you soon! :slight_smile:


Hey Brea and Claire,

I am staying at the Clink (the hostel were we depart from) on the Thursday and Friday before the trip starts. So if your around in London it would be great to see a few sights.



Hey Emma,

That sounds good I’ll be staying at the Clink on the Thursday, Friday before we leave as well :slight_smile: Looking forward to doing some sightseeing!!


hey,hows it going,iam travelling by my self from cairns australia,will be in london on the 30th of oct, going to catch up with few people i already know in london first,feel free to come along with ,starting tour on 5th of nov…would be good to get to know a few people that are going on the same tour add me on fb if you want,for a chat,cheers (carson davey)


Hey :slight_smile:

I am also a first time traveller and going on this tour too alone! im staying at the hostel we leave from the night before as well! Feel free to add me on facebook! :slight_smile:

-Jessica Hollands