Winter Getaway Nov 26


Anyone doing the Europe winter getaway on the 26th November? :smile:


I will be! :slight_smile:


@Chelseylea I will be, going by myself too!


Oh hey! So glad to see someone else coming on this trip :smile: Where abouts are you coming from?
Im travelling on my own as well :slight_smile:


@Chelseylea I know, I was seeing loads of other posts about different dates and was quite concerned there would be no-one haha. I come from Australia, Adelaide to be precise, what about you?


I was feeling the exact same. I am coming from Brisbane haha! Are you travelling anywhere before or after the trip?


@Chelseylea I land about five days before our trip and seeing some fam and afterwards im still in the uk/europe for another month, I have a budapest new years thing booked but thats about that with my plans for now, how about you?


Oh wow that sounds so incredible! Im just spending a couple of days in london before the trip then i head home after, may choose to stay on if im not ready to come home :joy:


@Chelseylea Still so incredible though, our trip sounds amazing! Are you staying in the hostel the night before?


Yes im sooo excited :smile: not sure how I’m going to focus on this last semester of uni haha.
I will be staying in wombats city hostel the few nights before and you?


@Chelseylea Haha yes im in the exact same position! actually counting down the months until I leave. Ah yes i’ll be there on the 25th, so just the night before :slight_smile:


Yay It will be great to meet the night before we leave! You’re more than welcome to add me on fb if you have it, chelsey openshaw :slight_smile:


Hey girls, I am also going on this tour! I’m travelling solo and from Melbourne. Also staying in the Wombats hostel the night before! So excited :slight_smile:


@Chelseylea @georgialillis


Oh wow yay!!! Feel free to add me on Facebook (if you want) and I can add you to a group with me and Chelsea and we can get acquainted!! We’ve been waiting forever for someone else to say they were coming!!


@georgialillis sounds good! I will add you now :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

I am coming on the tour as well! I am travelling solo from Newcastle, Australia, and I will be staying at Wombats the night before. Great to see more solo travellers are coming!


Hey Caitlin! I’m so happy to see more people are coming! You can add me on Facebook if you like - chelsey openshaw and ill add you to the group chat we have going!