Winter Getaway March 3rd 2009


Hi,[br]just wondering if anyone is on this tour? Also i would love some feedback on the topdeck tours…? this is my first time overseas and i will be travelling solo so if anyone has any good tips for me or is on this tour i would LOVE to meet you![br][br]cheers guys[br]Ange


Hi Ange, sorry i’m not on your tour but if you want any feedback or advice there’s HEAPS of forums you can read and chat in. I’m travelling solo as well and abit nervous but i’m sure we’ll both be fine once we get there. [br][br]Hope you have a great trip![br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


Hey Nicole, thanks for your reply- i have been checking out other forums and it seems lots of people travel solo and meet great people so that makes me not as nervous! After my tour i will be trying to find a job in London or where ever so hopefully all works out- are you staying overseas after your trips?[br][br]Cheers[br]Ange


I’m staying in london for a bit before my Grand European tour starts at the end of July. I’ll be staying with my brother which is really handy, save on london accommodation :)[br][br]After my trip (28 days) i’ll be staying another fortnight in london to unwind a bit and then i’m doing the new Britain + Ireland Top Deck Explorer trip which goes for 15 days. Once that has finished i am doing a fair bit more travel on my own around various places, visiting friends etc.[br][br]I think it’s a good idea to ease yourself off a trip and be wanting to come home by the end of it. I think it would really suck to come home straight after a tour after all that build up and excitment and then crashing back to reality would suck![br][br]Whereabout are you travelling to other than your tour?[br][br][br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


Good Work staying with your brother- i have a friend over in London at the moment so i am hoping to crash with her for a few weeks while i get myself settled and get a job etc after the tour.[br]my travel plans are not set in concrete but i want to travel around the greek islands in the summer and i have family in Germany so i will stay with them in september and do the October fest. i am coming back home at the end of October for a wedding- but after that if i love it (and have enough money) i will go back and travel more![br]i have only decided to do the tour so its all very last minute, but it sounds awesome and is so much cheaper then travelling yourself so fingers crossed i meet some amazing people that want to keep travelling![br][br]Cheers[br][br]Ange


I’m doing the greek islands as well, i’m going at the end of september, not sure if i’m going to do it on my own yet or through a tour company.[br][br]Tour company’s just seem like a good alternative coz it’s less to stress about, most of it’s all booked for you and you get to hang out with some pretty cool people while also having the security of the Top Deck crew there with you. Coz it’s my first time overseas(well not really i’ve been to NZ) i thought it would be a good idea to get my bearings with a tour company first and then spread my wings and travel solo 8-)[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands