Winter Getaway March 27th


Hey Kids :)[br][br]Wondering if anyone here is heading away on this trip?[br][br]Cant wait![br][br]Winter Getaway March 27 2010


Yeah, I’m going. Super excited - first time going to Europe!


I’ve literally just booked this tour!
Very excited ;D


5 weeks to go!

Well done on just booking it now ALK! how very spontaneous of you :slight_smile:


Arriving in London two days early - anyone else?


I’m arriving in London on the 24th of March

But am yet to book accom for these days yet.
Rigby361 where are you staying?


at the generator hostel, where we depart. two nights cost me $90 CAD.


Thanks Rigby361
I was planning on booking my accom there, but as I havent recieved my pre-departure info from topdeck yet I wanted to confirm the hostel for depature :slight_smile:

Now I just have to choose a room size,…


i get into London 5 days before the trip and staying with a friend, so i’ll be getting up very early to catch the train over to the hostel on the Saturday morning (probably very very hungover from the previous night! haha)


Is anybody else going on the tour solo?

Good luck with the early morning train trip therealsupa, I’m scared I’ll sleep in, and miss the departure (I’m obviously not much of a morning person :P)


yeah, I’m going by myself.


Yup, heading over by myself as well.

the waiting game is killing me right now!

ALK - i plan to set about 4 alarms for that morning - or just stay up altogether! haha.


ALK - i plan to set about 4 alarms for that morning - or just stay up altogether! haha.[/quote]

Staying up is a really good idea therealsupa! :wink:

3 weeks today until the tour starts ;D

And its now On request, Contact Us I’m assuming that means there arent many spaces left


I’m going by myself too! From Australia but living in Cardiff. I’ll be at the Generator Hostel the day before the trip. Im nervous!


Not long to go now! Good to hear we will have a nice full trip too ALK

I fly to the UK in 10 days… so i’m starting to get excited/nervous… but still feels like its months away, it’s really dragging on :frowning:

Good to know there are more of us going solo Kimberley :smiley:


Hello boys and girls!!!

I am going too!!! just wanted to introduce myself and start to make some friends even before the trip!!! I am staying at generator hostel from the night before, going solo, its nice to know there are more people going solo as well. Whats the average age of the group? I am 31, from Brazil, but leaving in england, actually this trip is the best way I found to say goodbye to europe as I am going home just after… Hope to hear from everybody before 27!!! Take care all! :wink:


Good to hear, i came over to the UK solo. Have been here for a year and a half and decided to venture Europe solo aswell before going home. Its the only way to go!

The only thing im stressing about now is money… you never know much is enough. The options of ‘what if’!


Hi Kimberley, I know the feeling, my situation is so similar… I am planing to spending max 30 euros a day, somedays it will be more, anothers will be less, trying to balance. We all know the temptations when we are travelling, but i’ve decided, if thats the condition for me to do this trip, i better go and be strong than not to go!!! Dont stress because of this, its gonna be so nice and we all gonna have a great time (even if we have to eat mc donalds everyday!! then we walk a lot to see everything and lose the calories!!! hehehe) looking forward to meet everybody!!! good feelings, good energy!!!


Agreed! I’ve made myself a budget and i intend to stick to it! Ive picked what i want to do and where, so it shall be all good.

Really looking forward to getting out there and meeting you all!