Winter getaway march 26 anyone?


it’s only a few weeks away, there’s surely other people other than the 8 of us??


Hi there! I’m doing the winter getaway march 26th too!! Whereabouts is everyone staying the night before? I’ve booked in at Clink78, maybe we could meet up for drinks?


Hi joe

theres 8 of us so far, you will be the 3rd kiwi, im staying at clink 261 (ashley house).

we are meeting up on the 25th bout 7.30pm at "the carpenters daughter: 105 kings cross road, just down from the clink, for drinks.

my mom and her family are from kawarau lol, when do you get into london?


Welcome, finally another person!

I am from Australia if u can’t see by my info. So far there’s a few us from Oz and NZ.

Do you have facebook. If so your quiet welcome to add us, we all have one lol… there’s also a Topdeck facebook page and u can see us in there.

Are you coming on the tour by yourself or with some1 else?


Hi Jody,
Me and hubby, shane are staying in barkston garden in earls court, arrive in london on the 20th so we have few days before the tour. who are you traveling with?
Like jase said we plan for a drink on the 25tg and you’re welcome to join…


Hey there!
I’m travelling by myself, I head to San Francisco first then Scotland (5day Highland Fling tour) then Ireland (7day Celtic Combo) then Birmingham for a few nights then I’ll head to London either 24th or 25th. Either way I look forward to catching up with everyone on the 25th!! I can’t wait!!
How’s that Jase, your mum is from Kawerau aye(whats her surname?)


Wow Jody, when do u leave to start your trip? Sounds exciting.

Me an my partner (Daniel) will be on the tour and look forward to meeting u! We’ll be in London for a few days before.


Hey Jody,

shes a manihera, but the fowels are her birth family, (shes whangai) but her sisters and parents are there, and im down there every few weeks etc.


Hey Jess
I leave on March 1st, I’m so excited (my first time to UK and Europe) that I’ve had to write up a to do list so I don’t forget anything or too many things (that’s ok cause I’ll have my credit card as back up!) Hopefully I’ll be in London on the 24th so be good to catch up before tour starts.
Hey Jase
So you come to Kawerau (in the Bay of Plenty between Whakatane and Rotorua) every so often aye? Manihera, the name rings a bell.


Hey Jody :slight_smile: Nikki here. Me and Sarah are on this trip also :slight_smile: We’re Aussies and itll be our first time overseas also. We’re doing USA first and then UK, Topdeck trip and then Ireland and Scotland :slight_smile:


Hey Nikki!!
Wow, whereabouts in USA are yous going to? And what tours are you doing in Ireland and Scotland? I’m going through Shamrocker Adventures for Ireland, and Haggis Adventures for Scotland, the tours are reasonably priced and ppl who have done the tours highly recommend them , they are also linked to Busabout Explorer too.


A week in LA and a week in Vegas in USA. We havetn booked anything for Scotland and Ireland yet :slight_smile: Was guna try wing it haha Wel deal with that once in the UK haha


Hey Jody,
Lol yeah i’ve gradually been buying things but probably won’t pack until the weekend before I am leaving… which is only 3 weeks aways :slight_smile: so excited… so don’t worry too much about being organised lol when I went to Japan I changed my entire suitcase as I was about to walk out the door…

Yeah wéll we are trying to org. to meet up on the 25th. If u have facebook- go to the topdeck pg and add us, u will see our comments somewhere… we have our own private msg so no every1 can read… plus the others are on there which don’t come on this forum.


I just signed up for this tour a couple weeks ago. I’m from New York but studying abroad in Edinburgh this semester and booked the tour for my spring break. I saw some of you talking about doing Highland tours. I just did a three-day tour (“skye high”) with Haggis and it was awesome! Anyway, really excited for this tour :slight_smile:


Hi Beth
yeahhh another person on the tour :wink:
so far there are 9 of us, 10 with you. i’m sabrina from brisbane and my hubby shane is also going on the tour. are you traveling alone?
we’re driving up to scotland after the tour, i think nikki is going on the hihgland tour.
when are you arriving in london?


When I was booking with the travel agent, she called topdeck to see about availability. The guy told her there were only a few more spots left so there should be plenty more of us out there. Yeah, I’m traveling solo. I’m arriving in London early Friday morning. I decided to take the overnight bus so I’d have an extra full day in London. So I’ll probably be exhausted but hopefully it won’t be too bad. How about you?


We’ll arrive on the 20th so we’ll have 5 full days in london, then catch train to Paris on the 26th. Told that the tour wont arrive in paris til like 4-5 pm so wtf lol we wont be wasting time on the bus… who nos when we’re gonna be in paris again. gonna join the tour at the hotel later in the afternoon. Have you got facebook? there are 8 of us on a private email threads talking abour europe stuff. mine is


Hey Beth,
Finally more people… Sorry it was just like 7 of us for 3 months and the group is finally growning bigger.

My partner Daniel n I are going on tour. If you add Sabrina on fb I am her friend or you can go to the Topdeck fb page and we’re on there too… you can probably see our comments.


Okay, I added you. Yeah, I figured we wouldn’t be getting to Paris until the evening which sucks, but I think that’s why they provide us with the City of Lights tour so we make good use of that evening and see the city. Also, I’m hoping that on that tour we’ll have the opportunity to go up the Eiffel Tower since it stays open really late. That way, we will have one less thing to have to squeeze into the next day. Does anyone know when we’re supposed to arrive at the other cities? Because it would suck if we were always getting there in the evening and only really having the one day. I’m hoping we leave fairly early (like 8 or 9) in the morning each day and get to the next place by noon or early afternoon.


Oh also, I was just in Rome this weekend (why it took me so long to reply) so if anyone wants advice on what to do while we’re there, I’ll be happy to give you suggestions.