Winter Getaway march 26 2011


Hey, looking to catch up with others that are doing the end of march trip.

cheers Y’all


Hey i just booked yesterday for this tour :slight_smile: Im going with a gf. We are aussies. Where are you from?


Awesome!! im Kiwi / american (mom is from here in gods own, dad is from texas) and you?


Hey guys,
me and my partner have just booked the march 26 tour, how exciting!!!
is there any of you going with a partner? would love to share the room instead of being seperated from my partner :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Sabrina,

im going solo… :’( howver im sure no one will care too much if you two stay together


Hey guys,
wow finally found a forum for our tour.

My partner and myself will be attending this tour and wouldn’t mind getting to know everyone before it starts.

I’m Jess and his Daniel, we’re from Sydney, Australia. I am currently at uni and he works/ also at uni part-time.

If anyone has facebook your welcome to add us either look for me under Jessica Heath or him under Daniel Byrnes.

You are all also welcome to contact us via our emails. Mine is and his is

looking forward to getting to know you all.


:)hey jess and dan, pleased to meet y’all, im Jase, from NZ will look for you on FB as well.


Hi Jess and Dan, and jase too
good to know there are couple going on the tour as well.
I’m Sabrina and my partner Shane are from Brisbane. My facebook is ;D

looking forward to getting to know all of you too!!

Btw, in 6 months we’ll be in Prague ;D ;D


I know, scary huh? what are you lot pplanning for a buget? im planning on 100 euro a day ( i intend on spending ) also is anyone else keen to skydive?


Hey guys,
Yeah you can find me on fb using the email I gave. Daniel is obviously on my friends list. I think I found you Sabrina.

Sabrina, what will you be in Prague for?

Yeah Jase in terms of spending money we are aiming for 100 euro a day but will probably have money left over. Plus I will be in Portugal for a couple of weeks before hand as I am attending a conference for uni/ sight seeing and then meeting Daniel in London before tour and spending few days looking around and going on small tours out of London. So yeah I know I will be over budgeting anyways.

Not sure about skydriving. I was thinking about it, heard its out of a helicopter, but both Daniel n I are not fond on heights so not sure yet.

Will probably work out things day by day.


hahaha we will all be in prague, its on the tour…

yeah im thinking around the same, Im looking at going to moulin rouge in Paris, as its spectacular, (missed out last time I was there due to not thinking ahead) what are you guys studying?


lol opps… see how much in detail I have looked at the trip… all I know is I am going to the Swiss Alps and Berlin lol there the main things I am looking forward to…

Moulin Rouge… it would be good but haven’t really thought about it… probably will when it gets closer. So where have u been in Europe before?

We’ve both never been.

Ummm I am doing a PhD (post graduate work on bushfires), already completed a undergrad degree, Daniel is studying Business part-time.

What do u do? Work? Study?


yup I backpacked my way around france, spain, germany, netherlands and switzerland way back in 03 lol, but it was true rough backpacking, car didnt last so hitchiking, picking fruit to earn money etc, great fun,

i have a BA/LLB spent 6 months as a lawyer hated it so went back to working as an ambulance officer (how I paid for uni lol),

Im looking forward to berlin and the vatican the most i think, im only just starting to actually pay attention to the trip now lol, PHD in brushfires, I assume thats science?


Hey Jase,
I always want to go to moulin rouge, so i think we prob go there. as for sky diving, might give it a pass. Heights and myself dont get along very well hehe. Budget… ummm we haven’t really done any budgeting at all, like how much we’ll spend for excursion, meals out, shopping etc but prob won’t be more than 200 euros a day for me and shane.
are you on facebook?


Hey guys,

Jase what type of lawyer were u? Very different to an ambulance officer. Yeah my PhD is basically science with alot of statistics thrown into it… my undergrad was basically an environmental science degree.

Was speaking Daniel tonight and yeah thinking we’ll prob go to the Moulin Rouge too… so many things to visit’

Yeah I say 100 Euro each a day is plenty.


Hey guys,

do you know if moulin rouge is in the optional tour? the only thing i can find is Paradis Latin Cabaret on the optional tour list, not sure if it’s the same :o



im a family lawyer Jess, divorce, custody and other nasty stuff lol, started out doing defense as a career choice but found family law would be a steady income. so are yoa believer that fire is alive? (got many friends who are firefighters and all swear that its a living entity damm pyros… )

as for moulin rouge, its not a topdeck option however the latin paradis is ment to be utter shit in terms of a show and everyone iv asked have said a waste of euro when compared to the original, however it is also the molin rouge lol. personally I havent looked at the latin paridis site yet to compare but suppose that sometime today I should,

oh I gave sabrina this address last night, its a website that has everything on the various cities including attractions places of interest and maps etc,

anyone considered the paris museum card? lets you skip right to the front of lines no waiting for everywhere except the eiffle tower (60 + museums and attractions) for around 28 E


Hey guys,
Lol off course fire is alive lol well out here in Australia anyways… its not only the pyros but the wet weather has caused so much growth and its crazy out there in the bush… I am just hoping it doesn’t go up anytime soon as my whole PhD is based on how catchment’s respond… so yeah I don’t want to see fires anytime soon…

Yeah in terms of moulin rouge… we’ll probably go to that if it is on one of the nights we are in Paris. Sounds alot better. There is so much to see. that paris museum card looks alright. It will all come down to what we want to see. But I probably won’t know for a very long time as Daniel hates planning things unlike me :wink:


Hey guys,
the paris museum card sounds good, just wish they had a cheaper one for a day admission as we only have one free day in paris.
Does anyone know how easy it is to get cabs in London? We havent got any luck with hotel for after the tour, so prob have to get somewhere a bit further away from clink hostel.

In five months an d a week, we will be flying to Europe yay


Honestly, go to a travel agent… they always have spots vacant in hotels for travel agents… I don’t know about cabs but there are alot of trains… we haven’t booked our accommodation after but that is simply cause we got informed that prices past March 31st are not in place until end October so we will book then.

Lol I will be on my second day of my Portugal trip this time in 5 months… getting exicted now!