Winter Getaway - March 24 2012


[font=Book Antiqua][i]At least one friend and myself are planning on going on this tour, at the moment we are waiting for our favourite band to announce their tour dates for March/April so we can make sure this date suits us. (We’re hardcore fans from Australia and plan to go to as many of their shows as we can!)

Anyone else contemplating/booked for this tour on this date? We’re 19-early 20’s, females and from Down Under. Would love to get to know you! ::)[/i]

EDIT: My friend Kayla (21) and myself (currently 19, will be 20 when tour starts) have paid in full for this tour on this date. We’re very excited and if you’re also coming along, it would be great to say hi!



Hi there! I have booked this one as well! I’m 22 at the time of travel. :slight_smile:


[font=Book Antiqua]Looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile: Are you travelling anywhere else before/after the tour?[/font]


Well at the moment I’m visiting relatives before the tour and for a week after in London. Around the 21st of April I’m going back to Amsterdam for around 5 nights as well! :slight_smile:
How about you guys?


[font=Book Antiqua]We’ll be in the UK/Paris for a bit before the tour and the UK after the tour, we’re meeting the rest of the group in Paris since we’ll already be there and I guess that’s where it officially starts :slight_smile: I can’t believe it’s 59 days before we set off, I’ve never left the country before and I’m so nervous/excited![/font]


[font=Book Antiqua]26 days to go! Only 2 weeks and 2 days until Kayla and I leave for the UK ;D[/font]


I’m doing this tour as well. I’m amelia and I’m 23 years old. I’m going to be in London for a few days before the tour but I haven’t got anything set in stone after the tour.


[font=Book Antiqua]Hi Amelia! Nice to meet you :slight_smile: Kayla and myself will be in Paris for two nights before the tour starts. We planned to stay at the B&B where we’re staying on the tour but I’ve read a lot of reviews stating the area isn’t safe so don’t travel in small groups which is making me paranoid about staying there before the tour starts haha.

After the tour we’re going up to Scotland! We’re seeing a couple of Mcfly shows up there (our favourite band.)

I was hoping more people doing the tour would have posted by now! So far we have myself (Ashlee), Kayla, Sare, (? Sorry, I forgot to ask for your name!) and Amelia! (Girls rule.)[/font]


I was thinking about going to Scotland after the tour. Are you going straight to Scotland once the tour ends or are you going to stay in London an extra night?


Hi guys the name is Julian I am 22 also going on this tour, I am from Australia and have been in europe for a month so far. I am currently in Italy but will be staying at the hostel where we are suppose to meet before we depart on tour, keen to meet you all and have a great time!!! After the tour i will be planning to work in the UK for a little bit to save up money for the ultimate festival in the world TOMORROWLAND


[font=Book Antiqua]Amelia, we haven’t booked our tickets as of yet. We’re hoping to get an overnight train the night we get back to London but we’re worried that our coach could be delayed for some reason so we’re unsure of what we’re doing at this point! We might just wing it and hope to leave that night :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Julian! Really looking forward to the tour starting. Kayla and I hop on our plane tomorrow, all very exciting and scary at the same time![/font]


its not that scary at all it will be a blast and winging it is what traveling is all about you dont know where your going to end up