Winter Getaway leaving 28th December 2016


Hey, I’ve just booked the Winter getaway tour leaving 28th December, wondering who else is going to be joining me?! Looking forward to it so much, spending a week in London afterwards also. I’m from Brisbane, Australia, and travelling alone at this stage :slight_smile:


I’ve just booked this same tour on the same dates with two of my mates. We’re from Townsville, Australia and we are staying for a couple days in London afterwards also, then a couple days in Paris. Really keen for this trip. Should be so much fun, its exciting to see there will be another Aussie joining us. Feel free to contact us ahead of the tour. :slight_smile:


Thats awesome, so good to hear more Aussies will be on the trip!! Im so excited :slight_smile: How old are you guys? Im staying a week after the tour in London. Flying out from brisbane on the 26th december, havent booked flights yet but I want to be home for christmas. Are you guys flying out before Christmas?


We are 20 (2) and 19 (1) ! How about yourself? Yeah we are leaving on the 26th also. Haha we wanted to be home for Christmas! We haven’t booked our flights yet but in the quote we had done, I think we fly through Sydney. It’s so exciting!! :slight_smile:


Im Lauren 25 and from Melbourne.
I’m so excited about this trip, but nervous because i’m travelling alone for the first time.
So excited that there are other Aussies on this trip too!
I am also planning on spending a few days in London then Paris afterwards.
I HAVE to go to Euro disney :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to get meet you guys.


Hey guys!
I haven’t booked yet but definitely considering this tour and dates, looks super good and seeing that there is a few other Aussies makes it all the more appealing! Also considering hanging around for a while in London after or even before! It will be my first time travelling alone so a little nervous but excited.
Also previously been to Euro Disney and its a blast!


You should definitely book it :slight_smile: spending a week in London afterwards too!


Hey guys!
I booked this trip about a month ago! I’m very excited and it looks amazing! It’s good to see a few of you already booked too. I’m from Geelong, Victoria and I’m travelling solo. I’ll be in London before and after also! :grinning:


I booked! :tada::tada::tada: Super excited and I’ll be landing in London on the 27th and will be hanging around a few days after too before heading to Iceland and then home!


Finally booked our flights @ClaireElise95 and we will be flying through Brisbane. However, we will be flying into and joining the tour in Paris as it was a bit cheaper for us. I think we leave at like 2am or something on the 27th. We are also hoping we can see eurodisney just before we head home :heart_eyes: If anyone would like to connect before the tour we’d be keen, that way we know a few people before we get there :joy:


Hey, I’m a kiwi and wanting to do this trip :slight_smile: would love to hear from you guys and get to know someone potentially before the trip. I’m about to book it next week I think :slight_smile:


Hey guys! Id be super keen to connect before as I’m going solo for the trip! I am flying into London on the 27th so keen to meet before hand otherwise I’ll see you guys in paris when you join! :slight_smile:


Heya! I’m keen to connect before the trip too as I am also going solo! Let us know when you book :slight_smile:


@Phoebe.Elliott I’m flying into London on the same day, who are you flying with? I’m booking on Saturday, this is all a wee bit exciting :slight_smile: I’m 19 turning 20 by the time trip comes around. How do you feel about adding each other on Facebook beforehand? :slight_smile:


Hi! I have also booked to do this tour! My names Katie and I’m 18 from Auckland, New Zealand. It would be great to get to know some of you guys before the trip as I am a solo traveller, first time travelling alone! I’m flying in from Amsterdam on the 27th and starting from London. Also staying in London for a week after the tour. You guys should download the topdeck app so we can all have some chats on the group chat! I’m super excited to meet you guys and have a great trip! <3


I booked today! :slight_smile:


Hey guys i completely agree with Katie everyone should get the top deck app so we can chat in the group chat otherwise feel free to email me at and I’d be happy to connect with a few people before we head off. :slight_smile: It’s getting sooo close.


Hey just send me an email ( ) :slight_smile: I feel like that is going to be the easiest mode straight up :joy:


Me and my boyfriend are coming on the tour too! Travelling from Sydney on the 19th December :slight_smile:


I booked this tour just recently too! Flying out here from Sydney :slight_smile:
Keen to connect with others as I’m flying out of here solo :smiley: downloaded the topdeck app but have no idea how to get a chat working.
Gonna be in London few days beforehand and hopefully a few days after!