Winter Getaway January 7 - 24, 2017


Hello! Just booked this trip and am travelling solo. Wondering who else is going!


Hi! I’m Pia and I will be going on this tour :relieved:
Hope to hear from you soon!


Hey! Me and my friend are doing this tour so excited to see a discussion about it first trip for the both of us to Europe so I’m excited!!!


Hey Tess, I’m going along with Hannah, we’re both Australians, never seen snow before, we’re so excited!


Hi guys, I’ve booked this trip too. Also travelling solo. I’m from Melbourne but moving to London next month. I’m staying at Wombats Hostel the night before we depart. Let me know if anyone is staying there too? Mal :grinning:


Hi all! So excited to see so many Aussies! I’m from Vancouver, Canada :blush: I’ve been to Europe before but never in winter or solo!

Malisa, I’m staying at the Wombats for two nights before the tour :grinning:


Also Pia where are you from? :slightly_smiling_face:


Me and Cory are staying at wombats for two nights before the tour :grin:


Have you guys got the top deck app? There’s a place to have a group chat on there which is really cool :relieved:


Aussies taking over the tour! Awesome. Yep I’ve got the app on my phone, i’ll check it out. :slight_smile:


hey! i need a little bit of help with packing does anyone have tips or links to good lists??


Most sites I’ve seen say pretty similar things but this one is closest to what I think I’ll be packing :blush:

The Savvy backpacker also has some pretty good lists.

It’s tricky because we are travelling through different regions so the weather will vary. But London (and Edinburgh), possibly Paris and Amsterdam? will be cold and wet. As someone from a very wet climate I can tell you that the most important items to have are a waterproof jacket and boots. Nothing’s worse then being cold with wet feet :grin:

Other than that I think layers are the best way to go. Warm socks, gloves, scarves, hats even long underwear are a good idea especially if you aren’t used to a colder climate haha.

Did that help? Or do you want more suggestions? lol.


I’m from Adelaide, Australia! I’ll be at Wombats three nights before the tour.


I’ll be there!


Hey Pia! I love Adelaide! Are you going solo or with people?


So it’s less than 2 month till we go, is everyone getting excited like I am?


I am! I’ve never travelled in the winter so I’m worried I may pack too much haha.

What is everyone bringing for luggage? Backpack or suitcase?


I’m taking like a soft suitcase :slight_smile: im so worried that I’ll overpack, is anyone taking carry on? I’m thinking of taking a duffle bag but I don’t know if it’ll be too big to fit in the coach so I’m a little confused


Oh I have two account it shows :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:im both Hannah’s :slight_smile:


A duffle as well as the suitcase? I don’t know how strict they are with the carry ons since they say one piece. But I think it will be fine if it’s small enough to fit in the overhead area or at your feet? I’m bringing a backpack and purse and will shove the purse in my backpack if they say I can only have one piece lol