Winter Getaway January 3rd, 2012 anyone?


Staying in London beforehand and just looking to meet up with people on the tour. Travelling as a group of three 18 year olds ready to party and explore Europe in Winter. Absolutely can’t wait! ;D


Hey mate, I’m going to be on that tour as well! I’m just traveling by myself, and getting into London on the 1st. First tour so pretty excited!


that’s great, should be a mad trip, really excited! same for us, it’s our first tour as well!


Hey! I’m travelling by myself to on this tour. Anyone else staying at the Clink before we head off? Bring on the end of the year!!!


Yep! staying a few days before the trip! the place looks so cool :slight_smile:


Hey, i am looking into doing a winter top deck tour, but cant decide on the date! considering 3rd jan! its my first tour, and i’ll be traveling alone! so just sussing out who is going when!


Hi Louise, This is my first tour as well and doing it by myself. Should be good fun!


Hey Kristy, myself and two of my school friends are staying at the clink beforehand also, from 28th December until the tour starts. We’ll be fresh out of school and keen to have a fantastic time! Absolutely can’t wait.


Hey I’m doing this tour on my own too! My first tour alone aswell!

I’m currently going to Dublin by myself eek from the 27/12 to 31/12 then New Years in London and will be staying somewhere (dont know where yet!!) until the tour leaves…

Pretty nervous and very excited!


I just had an idea. I forget to check onto here. I was thinking should we create a facebook page or something for our specific tour so we can keep in contact and get to know each other etc? What do you guys think?


Sounds good!


Yeah that sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:


Facebook page called… Topdeck Winter Getaway January 3rd 2012

Join it!! :slight_smile:


joined the fb page :slight_smile: everyone should get on it! haha


Joined the page :slight_smile: I’ll get my friends onto it also!