Winter Getaway Jan22nd


Is anyone going on the Winter Getaway on Jan22nd. Anyone who has previously been on it, I would appreciate tips on what to take and see on this trip for winter.


I am also going on the Winter Getaway on the 22nd Jan :slight_smile: So excited, can’t wait!!!
where abouts are you from? I’m living in Exeter in England at the moment for Uni, but home is south coast of NSW :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
I am from Hamilton, NZ! cool to hear from someone who will be on the trip. There are a few others on Facebook as well.
I was going to be doing this trip solo but I got a friend to come with me last minute. Are you doing it solo? I am so excited for this trip, am trying to stop myself from packing already.
p.s so jealous that you get to go to uni in England- sounds amazing.


Oh that’s great!!! I did a Contiki tour through the Greek Islands before I got to England, so I have a vague idea of what to expect - except replace beaches with snowwww!! Yea I am doing it solo, looking forward to it!! Haha, I would recommend you do start packing actually! You think of things after that you wouldn’t normally think of :stuck_out_tongue: Uni is pretty great, although study, assignments and exams aren’t that much fun! lol…what’s the facebook thing??? I’d love to meet some other people too!! xx


oh cool, was contiki as bad as everyone says it is? It looked like heaps of fun but topdeck seemed like a good option to go with for this one. I already have a million things that i want to bring with me damn that 20kg weight limit. I agree with the uni thing, I jut finished my degree this year so graduating after the trip which is exciting. The facebook thing was just the topdeck facebook page i found two people looking for others on the trip randomly. You can add me on fb aswell if you want just search jayne biddick. Super excited to have found other people on the trip.


No it wasnt really like it at all - don’t get me wrong, it was amazing and I had a blast, but there wasnt any pressure to go out every night and be totally drunk every time. I think the Greek Island tour is different from the traditional Contiki though, from what my tour manager and others in the group said. We had a free day to ourselves on each of the islands as well as the organised group things. I’d totally do it again :smiley:
As for the weight limit, I’m totally agreeing!!! Esp cos it’s winter, everything is so much heavier!!! Grr…Are you getting a sleeping bag? I read somewhere that we should get one, but if we are staying in hostels then doonas should be provided…
What did you study? I’m in my 2nd year of my Bachelor of commerce, majoring in marketing :slight_smile: And as for the fb page - I’ll have a hunt for it!! I think I added you, just double check lol x


Thats awesome, I have already started planning my next trip, I think it might be a contiki egypt one. Good to hear you had fun though, I am really looking forward to this trip, its my first trip anywhere overseas so my 12 hour stopover in Brunei is going to be an experience lol. Greek islands would have been amazing though. I am getting picked up by a friend from the plane who is lending me his sleeping bag so it doesnt count for my 20kgs on the plane. I don’t think they count it on the bus either. I wasn’t going to bring one if my friend didn’t have one and just bring a sheet for the mattresses so I think you would be sweet as if you didn’t. I am just trying to find a winter coat, but i wasnt quick enough so al the winter sale stock is gone from the shops- Damn NZ weather. I studied a Bachelor of Communications majoring in PR. No idea what i am going to do with it haha but such is life. Oh and yup that was me on fb :slight_smile:


The Egypt one would be amazing! I know, living in England has made me want to travel everywhere - but so limited by funds! :frowning: I will get there one day lol… Oh really, your first trip? Your going to have a ball! Oh, that stopover is a killer…all i have to say is take a good book cos you won’t want to sleep in the airport lol. Haha, yes the NZ weather would have an impact on that! I wanted to get some more from over here, but it’s all so expensive! :confused: