Winter getaway Jan 2nd

                      hey iv just booked for the winter getaway tour on january 2nd 2011 and was wondering how else is going? and also if anyone has done the trip how much are the optional excursions?



Hi Justine

I am also going on this trip and travelling solo. Where are you from in Oz?
I have never been to Europe before so looking forward to seeing the sights! When do you arrive?


hey :slight_smile: wow so glad, first person iv come across on trip. im from tasmania and never left Aus so should be great, real exited. i arrive on 31st Dec and staying at clink. ur self?


Hey guys!

My name’s oliver (or ollie) im also travelling solo, really looking forward to it! ;D will be hangin around for a few days in england before the tour… Bring your woolies, its gonna be chilly! :wink:

Juzzy, for optional extras, see link below:


Thanx Ollie thats real useful, nice to no someone else is going lol
not long now its going to be great :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
My name’s Jordan, I’m from Sydney and i’ll be coming along solo too. Getting keen!


Hi Everyone.
My name is Mel. I am from Wagga Wagga but ave moved to the big smoke this year (Sydney) for a teaching job. I am also travelling on my own, great to hear others are too. Looking forward to it.


hey good to see a few ppl from aus going. if anyone wants to add me on facebook just search for Justine Ruckert and just let me know who you are :slight_smile:
not long now :smiley:




im off tomorrow!!! wooohooo :slight_smile: see u all soon