Winter Getaway Jan 15 - Feb 1


Hey my friend and I have booked this trip just seeing who else is going


Hey Adelaide,
I’m going on this tour!! Will probably join in Paris… How long are you and your friend in Europe for?


Hey yeah Hannah (my friend) and i are in england at the moment and up to scotland for new years and we i leave feb 4th and she is here till feb 16 or something like that. u can add me on facebook if ya want


Hey guys,

I am on this trip too - joining in London and doing this trip before heading back to NZ middle of Feb :slight_smile:


My mate and I were supposed to do this trip together but he bailed for personal resaons. Still decided to go on the tour myself and was wondering about others who are on the coach…
Looking forward yo joining you guys in Paris


Anna I will be landing in Paris on next friday…If you’d you are there and would care to go for drinks before the tour on Sun would be cool


cool cant wait to meet u all in london or paris :slight_smile: