Winter Getaway - Jan 12th to 29th, 2012


Hey :slight_smile:

I’m meeting the tour in Paris on the same day the tour departs from London. Is there any specific procedure I need to follow… i.e. what time do i need to be at the hotel (B&B Hotel Porte de la Villette), can I get the trip leader’s cell number?

Is there a better way to get to the Hostel from Charles de Gaulle airport to the hotel? I’d like to take the train if possible, but don’t know which stations to catch, how much it costs etc.

I also see that there are free sim cards available that need to be delivered before I leave on the trip. Unfortunatetly, I’ve left it too late for that as I’m from South Africa and its gonna take 10 days to deliver. However, the person on the call centre helpline mentioned that the trip leaders have cards available to purchase on the bus. Is this correct? Is there any more information on this matter - what the charges are etc?

Can anyone help?

:slight_smile: Lauren