Winter Getaway Info


Hey guys,

I did the 18 day Winter Getaway tour back in April 2010, so I thought if anyone had any questions about this trip I could help out! :slight_smile:


Hi there! I’m doing a Winter Getaway next month in December… I know you went in April so I’m not sure how the temperatures compare, but obviously I know I need to keep warm, but what kind of thing do you recommend? Big bulky jackets, or focus on layers? Any advice about that would be great :slight_smile:


Hope it’s not too late!

As I did my tour in April, it fortunately wasn’t too cold, fortunately for me as I was massively underprepared! I’d also say buy jackets over there if you can as I found them far warmer than ones available to purchase in Oz, although for anyone whose tour is towards spring take things with you as all the spring stock hits stores early and it’s a lot harder to find decent jackets around!

I personally preferred a few bulkier layers, ones that protect you from the wind as this is how I found myself getting the coldest. Make sure your jackets and jumpers all have pockets for this same reason! If your from Oz too don’t make the mistake of taking fingerless gloves like I did, yes its great to have your fingers free, but thats not very helpful if they are frozen!

Hope that helped a little bit!


Just wondering if you need a sleeping bag on the winter getaway tour? Trying to plan my packing :stuck_out_tongue:


No! Not at all, don’t waste the space in your luggage.

Most hostels don’t like them anyway as they can carry bedbugs. I only used mine in London and Salzburg and both times I could have easily gone without, proof of that is not one other single person on my tour brought one!


Awesome thanks for that, I just got a bit confused as it had on my itinerary from my travel agent that I had to bring one lol :slight_smile: