Winter getaway feb 4th 2012//clink78 in January?


I’m going on this tour which leaves on feb 4th. Is there anyone else that’s going or thinking of going? I’m also staying at clink78 from January 12th till February 4th it’d be great to know people before I go! I’m 20, Australian and traveling by myself :slight_smile:



hello, my name is Naomi and I will be on the winter getaway tour leaving on the 4th Jan 2012… :slight_smile:

AND… I too will be staying at the clink hostel from the 31st-4th pre tour departure. I will actually be travelling around Scotland from the 23rd Jan-31st…

I am 23years old and I will have two other friends meeting me in London at Clink. My best mate Tristan and a good friend called Ali. So do not fear you now have a friends :slight_smile: btw we are all from Sydney


Ahhhh Naomi I’m doing the tour February 4th not January! Haha oh well. I will be at the clink when your traveling Scotland haha I get to London January 11th. Looks like we’ll just miss each other. Haha back to no friends for me I guess


bahaha my bad… I wrote the wrong date… I was super tired when writing the other post…

I DID MEAN 4th FEB - so dw you have a friend now… :slight_smile:


Hey Nomes it Ali, im so excited about our trip yay!!!.
hey Chantelle I’m Ali ill be on the tour to I get there on the first of feb. It’s nice to know others on the trip and make friends before hand. Where abouts in Australia are you from if you don’t mind me asking? ;D


Hi Ali, im from the central coast (about an hour north of sydney) kinda between syd and newcastle. what about you? oh i was just wondering if either of you know if we have a chance to see the concentration camps from ww2 while on our tour? its not in the itinerary but im pretty sure we go close to one


Hey Chantelle, yeah I’m from Sydney my family gas a van at Shelley beach. If you like we can catch up before we go away. I’m 23 how bout you. We go to mauthausen in Prague. My sister went on a similar one a few years ago and they went past it because it was closed. Hope it won’t be when we go.


yeah it’d be good to catch up though i fly to england on the 10th of january and am staying at the clink till the tour starts, just to get to know the city a bit before i return for my working holiday. so not sure if it will be possible but we’ll meet at the hostel regardless :slight_smile: Im 20, will be 21 in April. have you been to europe before?


hi chantelle,

i will be staying at the clink on the 19th and 20th of january before i go on the winter getaway tour departing on the 21st will be good to catch up :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

Ill be staying at the clink hotel for the two…maybe three nights prior to the tour also! would be awesome to hang out… If any of you guys are already in the uk, id love to catch up before hand for a drink…or many :stuck_out_tongue:

Kelly x


hey kelly, so excited for the tour to will be awesome that makes four girls and one guy so far on our tour yay us!!! so much wine will be drunk heheh :stuck_out_tongue:


hi guys! my name is Emilie I’m from New Zealand and I’m doing the Feb 4th Winter Getaway! I’m staying with a friend for a few weeks in London before the tour. I’m hoping to do some sightseeing around London in that time, if anyone wants to meet up before hand :slight_smile:


Hey emilie, I’m Ali I get to london on 31st January so sounds fun.

Hey guys anyone flying out of Sydney to London on 30th of january with etihad


Hey guys,
I’m Kathryn from Auckland Nz… I’m also doing this tour with my friend Dawn.
Looks like I will be staying at the clink from the 29th of jan til the tour departs on the 4th of feb. my friend doesn’t arrive in London til the 3rd of Feb, so would be nice to have someone to see the sites with :slight_smile:

I’m 23 and it’s my first time travelling Europe!! Looking forward to the big trip ahead!


Hey Kathryn, I’m Ali, me and two friends of mine will be on the trip as well as a few people in this conversation. Will be awesome I get to London on the 31st janurary


I’m Courtz. I am staying at the Clink From 31st-2nd Feb… I am not on the Getaway tour, but on the Winter Spirit leaving on 2nd!

Soooo close now :slight_smile:


Hey Ali :slight_smile: Hopefully we will all get to catch up before the tour starts. Maybe grab a drink at the hostel bar? I will pretty much just be seeing the sites in London until the tour


heheh hey peoples 25 days till the tour yeeeeoooow!!!. ill be at clink from 31st of january aaaaah im so excited


Hey everyone,
My name is Liz and I will be on the Winter Getaway tour departing on the 4th of Feb as well along with my friends Katie and Ali. We’re all 20 years old and it’ll be good to meet you all on the tour! :slight_smile:


Wow im so pumped to see so many people coming on the tour, ill be at clink from feb 2-4th… ill be plotting aournd london etc and would love someone to join me… Maybe its just because girls are a little prepared before big adventures but by the sounds of things everyone is female hahah… this could be trouble :P.
Looking forward to it. xx