Winter getaway departing 5 jan 2011


We’re coming from Sydney and will be in London on Dec 30, 2011. We wanna explore London and play in Scotland/Ireland for a bit before hand. Who wants to play???

Gem and Cara :slight_smile:


Hi! I will be arriving in London on the 30th as well, then heading to Dublin for NYE until the 3rd. Staying at Jacob’s in Dublin, then at Clink until the tour…should be amazing



Hi guys! Im from Qld, also coming on this tour & am sooo excited! I’ll be travelling solo, so keen to chat before the trip!
Spending NYE in madrid with friends before meeting up with everyone in paris. Save me a seat!
See y’all soon :slight_smile: Nikeea x


hi ive set this page up on FB so we can all get to know each other a bit before the trip, not long now whos spending NYE in london?