Winter Getaway Departin Feb 2nd...Anyone?


Just wandering if anyone else has booked this trip? I am staying at the Globetrotters the night before so it would be great to have a few bevvies together before we get on our way![br][br]Looking forward to hearin back…


HI[br][br]I will be attending the Winter’s Getaway on the 2 of Feb. My name is Claire and I will be staying at the Globetrotter Inn the night before we depart. I am from Austrlaia and this will be my first time to Eurpope I can’t wait.:)[br][br]CDunsta]n


Hey Claire! Thanks for writing back…and HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY![br][br]I cant believe how close we are to the departure date now! I am so psyched![br][br]If you want to meet up for a drink on Thursday night at the Globetrotters bar, give me a text +353 877 671 033. I will probably be getting in around 9pm.[br][br]


Hi[br][br]That sounds great. I can’t wait for it I want to go today. Here is my number just incase 07990930928. Do you know of anyone else who is going on the trip[br][br]CDunstan


Is that an uk mobile number? I dont know anyone else other than my partner…Do u?[br][br]Hopefully we will get a few more replies to the forum before Friday!


Yes that is a Uk number. No unfortuanally I don’t know anyone else who is going on this tour. Where abouts from Australia are you? Is that and Irish number or an Australian?[br][br]CDunstan


Hey!![br][br]I’m so glad to see this topic up… Anyway, I’m on this Winter Getaway 02/02 as well!! I’m heaps excited :)[br]I’m from Australia but I’m living in London at the moment on a visit at my sister’s. I can’t wait for this trip![br][br]On a different note, are any of you bringing a sleeping bag? Because I have two different notes, one saying to bring one and the other saying not to?[br][br]Well I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon. [br][br]Oh and my manners. Heh. I’m Rocita, but please, call me Sita. [br][br] - Sita


Claire- I’m from Sydney and you? My number is an Irish number…[br][br]Sita- Where in Oz r u from? Great that someone else has joined us! This is going to be an awesome trip! I am so excited! I am definately bringin a sleeping bag. We are staying in quite a few hostels and I know from experience that some will only provide a sleeping sheet…which could get a little chilly in the like of the Swiss Alps! :slight_smile: Claire, myself and my partner Sean are going to be meeting for a few drinks the night before the tour at the Globetrotters…It would great of you could join us! I should be there about 9ish…do you have a mobile number in London? Mine is +353 87671033[br][br]


I am from Perth myself. I wasn’t going to bring one but I might just incase do we need to bring a pillow? Where abouts in the bar are we going to meet cause I havent been there before[br][br]CDunstan


[br]The bar isnt that big. I will text you when I get there. I suggest maybe at the entrance to the bar in the main reception area? Warning…I am flying with Ryan Air so I could be delayed getting in by an hour or 5…Will keep you posted!


Okay that sounds great do u want me to send you a pic of me?[br][br]CDunstan


Yeh that would be a good idea…you can email it to me if you[br]


Hey![br][br]I’m from Adelaide. Whereabouts in the aussielands are you from nat_tee? [br]Um Clairebear… just a question. Do we know each other? Or is it pure coincidence that the Claire that I know from Perth has a last name starting with D as well? Am I on my own wavelength here? [Sorry, it’s just because I call Claire Clairebear as well!!][br][br]Thanks heaps for the invite for the drinks, but unfortunately I’ll have to pack on Thursday night because I’m leaving everything to the last minute! I have some clothes packed [I just came back from Sweden and have been too lazy to unpack] and I’ll probably call TopDeck just to check if I need a sleeping bag. [br][br]My London number is: 07942073563[br]But on the tour I’ll be switching back to my aussie number on roaming: +61422899858[br][br]Can’t wait to see you all bright and early [I’m so not a morning person] on Friday!! Just letting you know, I’ll be leaving the tour on the 15th Feb in either Prague or Munich because I have to fly home for uni. I threw a hissy fit when I found out I had to miss out on Germany and Amsterdam. :([br][br]Have fun on Thursday night!![br][br] - Sita


Pfft. Nat, I’m an idiot. Just got that you’re from Sydney. Awesome :slight_smile: my brother lives in Mosman, North Sydney and I go there every 3 months to scab accomodation off him :)[br]Good luck with flying RyanAir. Lately, the flights have all been on time. It’s just that horrible, horrible line at passport control in Stansted. Where are you flying in from?


Hey Sita [br][br]Where abouts in Adelade are you from. I have got a couisn in Wynvale and her name is Eirn. Do you know her by any chance? Woulnd’t that be funny if we knew each other.[br][br]CDunstan


Hey Sita…its a real shame that you have to leave the tour early! Amsterdam is supposed to be awesome![br][br]Anyhoo see ya on Friday chook…


Appprenlty the accodmation that we are staying looks a bit doggey according to mum. Apparntley there are big secruite issues in Amsterdam. Just thought that I would warn you. Mum recommeneds that you should get a money belt to put under your clothes.[br][br]CDunstan


Yeh there are a few dodgy spots where we are going! I am definately taking a money belt! I know alot of people that have been to places like Rome and have been robbed a number of times by gypsies/gladiators…[br][br]


Most of the places where we are going look okay but the sounds of it. Where did you get your money belt from just having a look on the internet now.[br][br]CDunstan


Any camping store…