Winter Getaway Dec 27 2011-Jan 13 2012


Hi, I have recently booked this tour and I would love to meet some people before I go. So just wondering who else has booked this trip?


Hey I am also booked on this trip and am so excited!
I’m Stacey from Melbourne.


Oh awesome it’s good to know there will be at least one other person on the trip!! Im excited, this will be my first time to Europe, is it yours? Im from Melbourne also and my name is Courtney.


It’s my first time to Europe, but I have been on tours to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam. Have also been to Vanuatu, Japan and the US. (yes i have a travel bug lol)


Wow you have been about!! I have only gone to NZ…haha. How old are you? Im 24 and I feel like I have not travelled enough for my age!! When do you fly out? I fly out christmas night, maybe we will be on the same flight.


I’m 27. fly Christmas night also on a Qantas flight. Leaves close to midnight.


Oh ok, I’m flying with emirates, it leaves around 10 I think with a stop over in Dubai. Add me on facebook if you want so can talk more.!/profile.php?id=1197349403.


Awesome and done.


Hey everyone i just booked this tour yesterday and i would be keen to meet some people before i head off first time to Europe, Leave australia on the 21st of december cant wait should be a ace tour


Oh by the way my name is callum and im 22 years old


Hey Callum, i’m Courtney…where r u from?


Gday courtney nice to meet you. I live in Cobden a small country town in South West Victoria.


Ha ha I know exactly where Cobden is I grew up in Terang and W’bool. Add me on facebook if u want my link is a few posts back!!


haha that is really funny that your from that area small world ay lol


Callum feel free to add me on facebook. You’ll find me in Courtney’s friends list.
Hehe we are all Victorian. :slight_smile: Small world.


Hey I’m Jess, just booked this tour!


Hey Jess how are you? I’m Courtney. Where abouts in NZ do you live? That’s the only other place I have been, it is so pretty. Is this your first time to Europe?


Hi. I have booked this trip too! Leave Christmas Day. I’m 25 and from Sydney. Looking forward to hearing from others going also :slight_smile:


Gday kylie Callum is the name , feel free to add me on Facebook im also going on this trip but i will be in England for 5 days before it looking forward to it?


Hey Kylie, i’m Courtney and I’m also travelling solo. So have u been to Europe before?