Winter getaway 9th december


Hey,[br][br]My friend and I have just booked this tour (finally!) and are curious about our fellow passengers. Are you topdecking with us? Also wondering if we need to bring towels and sleeping bags or are they not really needed?[br][br]cheers,[br][br]Jessie


Hi Jessie[br][br]My friend and I just booked our tour for the 9th December too! (Winter Getaway) We are both from Australia but I’ve been in England for 7 months so we are really excited! Where abouts are you from?[br][br]My friends did a similar tour about a month ago and they said it is the best thing have ever done! You will need a towel and sleeping bag. They took two towels (a normal size and a smaller one) because they did some water activities - I guess we won’t be doing that being WINTER, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to have an extra one.[br][br]Good to meet other people that will be Topdecking with us :)[br]Hope to talk to you again soon![br]Karley


Hi Karley,[br][br]Im glad you replyed - i was begining to think we would be touring alone! :slight_smile: We are from Newcastle in NSW but i have been in the UK for about 11mths now. Where abouts in England/Oz are you? Thanks for the tip on towels, we are looking into the fast drying types. [br][br]Its not long now! Look forward to meeting you,[br][br][br]Jessie


Hey[br][br]Hmmm fast drying towels sound good! I might look into that. We are from Sydney, about 50 mins from the City near Penrith (not sure if you know where that is). I love Newcastle! In England I’m about 2 hours from London in Gloucestershire (The Cotswalds). Where are in The UK??[br][br]I really can’t wait for the tour! Especially since I haven’t seen my friend in ages either :slight_smile: Do you have Facebook/MySpace/MSN or anything?[br][br]Look forward to meeting you too! We will have a ball lol![br][br]Karley


im the same, my friend arrives in 19 days! i cant wait. Im living/working in Newbury, Berkshire. Are you staying at the globetrotters hostel before the tour? Im on facebook, Jess Garth. (i dont want to put a link as it would be accessable to everyone :slight_smile: [br][br]jess


hi karley [br][br]im tegan, jess’ friend. wow there are other people on our tour lol (or atleast two others!!)[br][br]getting so close now![br][br]i have myspace, just search my email: tegs001@hotmail. com [br][br]talk soon man,[br]tegs[br]


Hey Guys :)[br][br]I added you both on either Facebook or Myspace hehe.[br][br]I know, I can’t believe how close It’s getting! I can’t wait![br][br]We haven’t booked anywhere yet to stay the night before but I was looking at The Globetrotter and I think my comp froze and haven’t been on again… Will do that now… We will be there during the day before anyway because we plan to do the open top bus tour SO FUN![br][br]Talk soon[br]Karley :)[br][br]P.S Do you think we are the only ones on this tour?? lol


Hey Terri[br][br]That’s great we have another person coming on the trip :slight_smile: We were thinking it would just be the 4 of us hehe[br][br]So do you have MSN or Facebook or anything?? When do you get to England? Are you staying at the Globetrotter the night before?[br][br]Haha I just realised how many questions, I guess I’m just really excited :)[br][br]Talk to you soon![br]Karley