Winter Getaway, 7th January 2012



I’m a 21-year old Aussie chick who’s doing the Winter Getaway trip in January next year. I’ll be flying solo and would love to meet some other travelers!!!

Can’t wait till January 7!
Karina :slight_smile:


Hi Karina,
I’m also looking at taking this trip. Just waiting for the final confirmation from work that I can have the time off. Very excited, I havent been to Europe before.

I’m from Adelaide, also traveling solo, a little older though, I’m 35yrs. I’ve only just started traveling and can’t wait to let my hair down kick my heels up and try some new things.

Speak soon


Hey!! i am 20, Ausi, also doing the winter tour! still deciding on what date in january to book though!!


That’s fantastic! I hope you both decide on the 7th January trip ;D


Hi Girls
I’m also booked on this trip.
I’ll be on my own too.
See you in London


I’m so excited B-) I’m flying out of Brisbane and arriving in London on the 6th, staying at the Clink the night before the trip. It’d be great to meet up with some people there!


Hey guys Im pretty sure ill be booking for this trip! Going to stay at Clink the few nights before but havent decided how long, whens the earliest you guys are getting there? p.s does anyone have any idea who else is going? and should we get a fb group started like some of the other groups so we can throw any ideas and plans up there??
Can’t wait for January!!!


Hey guys, I’m booked for this trip too.
I’m getting there on the 4th and staying at the clink.
Can’t wait!!


It’s great to hear that you’re all getting excited like I am!!! I’m arriving at the Clink the day before the trip, but I’m staying there two nights afterwards as well. A facebook group is a great idea Dale - if you like the Topdeck Travel page (, there is a ‘Meet Others’ page where I have started a thread about our trip :slight_smile:

Hope to see you guys there!


Hey Guys!!

My name is Courtney, 22yr old Female from Sydney.
I’ve just booked this Winter Getaway with you guys.
Really looking forward to meeting you all and sharing this amazing adventure!
I will be in London from the 7th of December and checking into the Clink on the 6th of Jan.
Look forward to meeting you all.



One month to go!!! ;D


Hi all,
Im also booked in for this trip, Im a 24 aussie travelling solo and arriving at clink on the 4th so keen to catch up with you all for a drink.



I’m doing this tour too and staying at the clink…I arrive there on the 4th of jan. Would be AMAZING to meet people then as I’m travelling solo for the first time and am a but nervous. =)