Winter Getaway 5th Feb 2011


Is anyone doing the Winter Getaway that starts on 5th Feb?? Im travelling solo and wouldnt mind getting to know some people before i go away.




Hi Abbey!

I’ll be on the tour with 5 mates and my brother!! :D:D
I’m sure there will be heaps of ppl travelling solo or if not very keen to meet new ppl and forge some friendships!

Look forward to meeting you on the tour!


Hi Abbey,

Don’t worry I am also travelling solo on this tour - looking forward to it and of course keen to meet people before and on the tour!

I am currently living in London, where abouts are you at the moment?

Look forward to meeting you and everyone else on the tour



Im also travelling solo, look forward to meeting everyone



Ok, its great you guys are going on it too.

Im currently in South Australia at the moment Chantelle. How long have you been in London for?

Are any of you guys staying at the Clink Hostel on the friday night before we leave?



I am doing the tour on my own as well, and am staying at the clink hostel a few nights before the tour leaves on the Saturday… Is anyone else staying there ?


hey yer im staying at the clink hostel the night before. where bouts you from starbumble?


I’m from Sydney… I’m so excited now just trying to work out what to pack… Looking forward to meeting everyone. Racheal


Hey guys and girls, I’m doing this solo too. I’m staying at the clink the night before too. I get into heathrow at 6am the day before and meeting up with a friend of mine that’s over there to check out London on the Friday.

Can’t wait to get there and meet everyone :smiley:


hey, im from Canberra and i am doing this trip solo aswell. I get into heathrow at 5am on Wednesday and i am staying at the Clink hostel.

Can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: