Winter Getaway 5th Dec - For Admin


Hi,[br][br]We have booked to go on the Winter Getaway staring 5th December. I just checked the website and the tour status has changed from “guaranteed departure” to “on request - contact us”. What does this mean? We have already paid our deposit ect.[br][br]Desiree[br][br]Winter Getaway (5th December 2009)


Hi,[br]I am going on the Winter Wonder on Jan 3 and it also has changed to on request - contact us. What does it mean. It is making me a little nervous…[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 2 2010


it means that it is nearly full - there might only be a few seats left so they dont want someone to book for 6 people if there is only 3 seats left![br]


Oh thanks heaps, I was getting really worried. I am getting my travel agent to check with Topdeck, so once I get the official confirmation I’ll give you the thumbs up.[br][br]Thanks again[br][br]Winter Getaway (5th December 2009)


That makes me feel a little better too. I have already sent an email to topdeck to confirm so I will comment again when I hear back.[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Hi Desiree[br]This trip is nearly full - it only has 2 seats left on it which means that we put it ‘On Request’ so that it doesnt overbook.[br]If you have paid a deposit then you are holding a reservation and good to go.[br]Cheers[br]Tiggy (Topdeck London)


Hi,[br]I just got an email back regarding my trip and they said the same. It means the trip is almost full.[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010