Winter Getaway - 4th Dec 2010


Hey All.
Ive just booked and paid for my Winter Getaway tour, Leaving London on 4th December 2010! Cant wait!! Im most excited about Salzburg as I LOVE the Sound of Music :slight_smile:
Ill be staying at Clink for a couple of days before the tour to do some London exploring. I have heard mixed reviews about the place but have booked there as its relatively cheap, and where the tour goes from. Dont want to be worrying about getting there at 6am! But I have booked a private room. That way, I dont need to worry about my bags.
Let me know if you are doing this tour as well.

Wahoo!! Bring it on!!


Winter Getaway
4th-21st December 2010.


Hey there,
Am thinking of doing this tour?? Cant decide if it may be a good way to begin my OE, arrive in Frankfurt 30 nov :slight_smile:


Hi Claire.
Yay! So excited to find someone else doing this tour! I booked mine quite a while ago! I had been planning it for ages and wanted to book it so I didnt miss out. I cant wait!
Where abouts in Aussie are you from? Im going to Syndey in a few weeks for a girly shopping weekend!
Im from Auckland in NZ, so not to far away from you. Im going to be in UK for 2 and a half months visiting relatives and didnt want to travel Europe by myself, hence the tour.

Our tour will be here in no time!

Are you staying at Clink before hand?


[quote=19055]Hey there,
Am thinking of doing this tour?? Cant decide if it may be a good way to begin my OE, arrive in Frankfurt 30 nov :)[/quote]

You should do it!! Its gonna be amazing! I cant stop loking at all the stuff we are going to do! I cant wait!!!
I arrive in UK on 30th November so gives me a week to reciover from flights and get settled in.


[quote=19285]Im from sydney haha and i’m going over to nz in a couple of weeks…
Ill be over there for two and a half months as well so the tour will just be the beginning but meeting up with some friends after which is good. Do you know where your headed after the tour?
I fly in on the 2nd dec so ill be at clink the two nights before hand.[/quote]

Well, Im going over to Sydney the 1st weekend of September! How strange!! ha-ha. Going over to stay wityh a friend and have a girlie weekend shopping! Cant wait! Where about in NZ are you going? Have you been here before? Im in good old Auckland. North Shore off Auckland to be precise :slight_smile:
And, Im over in UK for 2 and a half months also! But, I arrive earlier then you. I leave NZ on 24th Nov but am in Singapore for a few days, arriving in UK on Saturday 27th Nov. I have family that I will be staying with but am also going to be at Clink from the 2nd Dec. I figured that I would go to the London Zoo or just explore a bit on the 3rd and then be ready and raring to go on the 4th!!

Wahoo - only 128 days till our tour!! Doesnt sound like to much :slight_smile:


Anyone else doign this one besides me and Claire???


Hi Tracy,
I WISH i was coming on this tour, I too am a HUGE sound of music fan!!! my tour leaves on Jan 6th, im doing winter spirit!!! and not many, actually noone has got as excited about Salzburg as me! haha!!! Damn i wihs I had a sound of music lover on my tour!! haha!!
Have an amazing trip…


[quote=19939]Hi Tracy,
I WISH i was coming on this tour, I too am a HUGE sound of music fan!!! my tour leaves on Jan 6th, im doing winter spirit!!! and not many, actually noone has got as excited about Salzburg as me! haha!!! Damn i wihs I had a sound of music lover on my tour!! haha!!
Have an amazing trip…

haha. Hi Sharna. I know right!! Salzburg was one of the main reasons I choose TopDeck! I hope it lives up to my expectations, which Im sure it will. Enjoy your tour!


Hi everyone!
Im thinking about booking for this tour (i know its pretty late) and i noticed that the tour ends just before christmas and i was wondering what people would be doing for christmas. im not sure that i would want to be away from home and alone for christmas! let me know your thoughts and i might book an earlier or later tour!
thanks guys :slight_smile:


Hi Denise.
I have family in England that I will be with. But, if you dont, you could do one that goes over Christmas. So spend it somewhere new like Paris or Rome! Or, fly home just in time for Christmas! :slight_smile:


Denise…Did you decide to do this tour?? I havent found anyone yet.
Some one (I think her name was Clare) did reply but has erased her messages so i think she cancelled.

Anyone esle out there doing this tour???


Hi tracy
i didnt end up booking it as i cant afford to go anymore :frowning: but thanks for answering my question! and im sure youll have an awesome time! :slight_smile:


Hi Tracy

I just booked my winter getaway the other week :slight_smile: i cant wait! i get in to London on the 30th Nov and am staying at the clink till the tour leaves on the 4th. Is there many others that have made contact that are on the same trip as us? Will have to have a catch up at the clink before the tour starts! not long to go now!

Speak soon



WAHOO!!! ;D Someone else on the tour!!
You are the first and only so far!! ha-ha. I’m sure there are more but they are just not on here!

I arrive in London 27th November but wont be at clink until Thursday 2nd Dec as I am staying with family.

I am super excited!! I am in countdown mode!!

We will definitely have to catch up when I get to Clink! You probably would have found more people on the tour once you get to the hostel!

I’m from Auckland, never been to Perth but I have been to Sydney a couple of times and Melbourne. It will be a bit of a shock for you to go from Perth to Europe in Winter!! Bring a BIG coat!! :slight_smile:


yep i gotta go get a BIG coat or coats so hopefully i dont freeze! never seen snow before so i cant wait! have you done topdeck tours before? this is my first one so im kinda excited! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I just brought a Goose Down one, hopefully that will keep me warm enough. With thermals of course!!
I haven’t been on a topdeck tour or anything like this so I am REALLY excited to!! I have the tour info taped next to my desk at work and I keep reading over it and thinking of all the wonderful places I am going to go!!!
I have been to the snow before, here in NZ. Never been anywhere when it is actually snowing, so that will be a buzz! Or, where they is lots of snow in the actual towns. Normally it is just on a mountain.

Countdown!!! 45 days till the tour!!!

I leave NZ on 27th Nov though so less until my actual holiday starts!!!

So…What part are you most looking forward to on the tour? Which place? or places??


Hey guys,

We’re coming on this tour as well! We’re both from Perth, Western Australia and are heaps excited for the tour. We’re arriving in London on 1st December and are staying at the Generator before the tour! Can’t wait! Neither of us have done a Topdeck tour before either so really looking forward to it and excited for the awesome places we’re going!!

Catcha soon
Sarah & Leanne


Welcome Sarah & Leanne.
Yay! More people!! I thought it was just going to be me and Brett!! :slight_smile:
I havent done a Top Deck tour either but I am so excited!!
You know that the tour leaves from Clink aye, not Generator. Just want to make sure. Would hate you to miss the bus!!!
Im at Clink from December 2nd with a friend. She isnt doing the tour but is still going to stay there with me till she flys out the same morning.
Cant wait!! So excited!!


Haha yep we do know that, thanks though - when we booked our room at the generator topdeck was leaving from there, but then they changed. It’s still quite close to the Clink though so hopefully we won’t miss our bus - we might get there super early on the 4th just in case lol.

Haha well atleast we know there’s four of us :stuck_out_tongue: The Aussies are well represented so far! Wonder if this tour will be booked out or if it’s normally a bit quieter over winter? :slight_smile:

Yeah so exciting! The countdown has been going on for quite awhile, not too long now tho!! :smiley:


Sweet as. Just wanted to make sure you knew.
Yeah, It would be typical for us to travel half way around the world and there are only Kiwis and Aussies on the tour!! ha-ha.

I booked my trip in March so I have been in major countdown mode! I travel to Singapore 1st and then to England to see somefamily for my trip, so I only have 21 more work days until I leave! So excited!
I think that winter trips are generally more quiet. I think they said normally about 16-20people?

Have you seen the topdeck forum on Facebook? I searched for more people on there to but only Brett replied so far. Hopefully some more will the closer it gets to departure day!!