Winter getaway 3rd january 2012



just wondering if anybody else has booked this tour date?


jes :wink:


Yeah I’m booked in with a mate, both from Aus.

Pretty keen.

Think I am underestimating how cold it will be! Any tips?



Haha I’m in London at the moment and it’s not too bad… It’s more crisp as aposed to the cold in aust :slight_smile: best tip… Don’t pack much! It’s harder than it sounds


Sweet. Good tip, thanks.

Do we need a sleeping bag? Have heard different things!

Whats plans for new years if your already there?
Should have a good crew for it, they cap it at 35 yeah?


Nope no sleeping bags needed we stay in hostels n hotels… il be on the French alps for new years and I meet the tour in Paris :slight_smile:

What have u both got planned and when do u get into London?


Thanks, I wasn’t looking forward to taking a sleeping bag.

Nice, French Alps will be great. We are in Barcelona for NYE and fly into London on the 2nd.

So anything else I need to know you think? Rookie traveler so dont know a lot haha


No that would be crazy :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome, spain would be great, bit chilly but not as cold as here.

Not really, just get some rest! This is my first time overseas so im still rookie :slight_smile: just small things before you leave home like letting your bank know you will be overseas etc