Winter Getaway 3rd December 2016


Hi! :smile:

I’ve just booked this trip! I am SO excited! I’m from New Zealand and it will be my first time traveling overseas (besides Australia) by myself!

Has anyone else booked this trip?



Hi Casey!

My boyfriend and I just booked this trip, we are from Victoria in Australia. We are so excited as well :smiley:

Have you booked your flights yet? :smile:


Hi Sarah!

Yay thats so cool! Finally someone replied :stuck_out_tongue: haha

I sure have! I’m all ready to go :slight_smile: What about you guys?


Yeah we booked them the other day! We are flying into London a couple of days early and then having a few days in Paris at the end of the tour. How about you? :smile:


Yay! Its all so exciting! That’s such a good idea! How lovely!
I finish my degree a few days before the tour starts so I move back home then fly straight out and arrive on the 2nd :fearful: haha But I’m going to York for christmas and then Edinburgh for new years afterwards and head back to London for 4/5 days before flying back to NZ :smiley:


Wow what a trip you’re going to have! That sounds awesome!
Yeah I finish my degree a few days before we leave as well. Also turning 21 when we are on the tour, going to be such an exciting trip! :smile:


5 weeks of hectic fun! :stuck_out_tongue:
We can have celebratory drinks for making it out of uni alive haha
YAY! That’s going to be awesome! We will have to celebrate! :smiley:


I’m sure there will be lots of drinks :laughing:

Oh yeah definitely, it’s going to be wicked!


Haha It’s going to be awesome! :smiley: