Winter Getaway 30 Dec 17 - 16 Jan 18


Hey, I just booked this tour and was wondering who else is going to be on it? :grin:


@tayladouglas yeah I am! :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of booking this one :blush: Are any of you travelling solo?


I’m thinking of booking this one also and would be travelling solo!


Booked! My cousin and I are coming from Aus :two_hearts:


I am thinking of booking this tour and will be travelling solo :slight_smile: I would be coming from Aus!


I’ve booked it too and am travelling solo! Where’s everyone coming from?


Wow this looks like an amazing trip! I’m from Aus and seriously considering this, I’ve never traveled alone and would love to give it a go


I’ll be coming along solo from Aus


Everyone get on the app and hit up the group chat! Haha


I’m also travelling solo from Australia, I’ll be in London a couple days before it starts if anyone else is and wants to meet up and explore before it starts :slight_smile: