Winter Getaway 28th NOV


Hey ppls,[br][br]I know that it is still a little bit off but i was wondering[br]if anyone else had booked or was thinking of going on a similar tour around the same time??


Hey![br][br]My Boyfriend and I have booked to go on the Winter Wonder on the 29 November! Its my first trip to Europe hence why im so excited and already put a deposit on the tour! haha! [br][br]Are you thinking of doing a winter Europe tour? Iv been looking on here for ages and haven’t found much on past experiences on winter Europe tours…[br][br]Aimee


Hey Aimz,[br][br]I have actually booked my trip already, i am going on[br]the Winter Getaway on November 28th. It is a while away [br]but i am soo excited.[br][br]I have gone overseas before but never really by myself. I [br]havent seen many threads on winter trips either but i [br]hope more will be up soon enough.[br][br]Melissa


hey mel, i will be on the same tour as you !!![br]trish